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For students - InfoCorona

For students - InfoCorona


Corona measures at AHO


  • Stay home if you are sick.
  • Wash hands thoroughly and often.
  • Keep at least a 1-meter distance.
  • Small groups rather than large congregations.
  • Keep AHO tidy so daily cleaning can be done.
  • Physical lectures in the studio. Digital lectures in group rooms and auditoriums. 
  • Remember to check-inn and out by using the QR code outside the room you wish to stay in. 
Remember to use AHO Check-in

In front of all the doors on campus, you will now see a QR-code. Use this to check-in every time you wish to work in a certain room or participate in a lecture. 

It's a requirement from the municipality that we can assist in the infection tracing if that is necessary and therefore we need to know who has been where. This is what you are contributing to when you are using AHO Check-in. Remember to check-in and out of all rooms you are staying in on campus. 

Use the camera on your phone to check-in with the QR-code. The first time you have to identify yourself with your AHO Microsoft login (full AHO email address and AHO password). Remember to check out when you leave the room. 

You can also check-in manually by following this link. 

If you have any questions about the system you can send an email to ikt-support@aho.no

AHO Check-in was developed by NTNU as a basic version that AHO has developed further.

Take a self-test at AHO

In collaboration with SIO, AHO will now offer self-tests to all our students and staff who wants to get tested. The tests are free, easy to use, and you get them in the reception at AHO.

I'm not feeling good, what do I have to do? 

If you have symptoms of illness, you need to stay home, if that is possible with your lectures. If you need to work on campus, arrive 30 minutes earlier and take a self-test. 

What happens if a student is infected with Covid-19?

Student who are infected with Covid-19, must contact their teacher who will inform the head of the academic services Silje Nygaard. 

AHO will together with the student do an infection tracing, and the school will contact those who are defined as close contacts, and possibly needs to get a test. The school will send an email to everyone that there has been an infection case at AHO. 

You can get more information about quarantine and testing at Helsedirektoratet. 

See also AHO’s Routine for handling infection/suspected infection in the grey box on this website. 

I've been in close contact with someone infected. What do I need to do? 

If you have been in close contact with someone infected with covid-19, you get more information about what you need to do at Helsedirektoratet. 

How can I get tested?


If I can not find answers to my questions, what do I do?

If you have other questions than those answered here, you can send an e-mail to infocorona@aho.no. We also recommend everyone to ask fellow student, your teachers, and to seek updated information from the health authorities.

Can I travel abroad?

For this autumn semester, AHO will not plan any trips abroad. There are still many uncertainties, and the infection numbers in the different countries can change quickly. Only domestic travel will be carried out this autumn by AHO.

I'm an international student, can I receive health benefits?

Entitlement to different benefits from NAV. Foreign students can register as a voluntary member of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme to claim benefits. The registration is free.

Do you need someone to talk to? 

Academic services and the international office
Contact us if you need someone to talk to or need help with anything concerning your exam or lectures. The Academic Services and international office is located on the 2nd floor, or contact us by phone, email or Zoom. If you want to have a chat via Zoom, send us an email and we will schedule a time. 
More info about who to contact here

We receive many inquiries from students who are struggling. Everyone experiences difficult times in life and sometimes it feels good to talk to someone. Our goal is for you to cope better and get a feeling of overall well-being in everyday life, and at the same time have less troubles. We offer individual, couple, group and family conversations. In addition, we have a wide course offer. 
More information on SiO’s website

Take care of yourself - Take care of others