For students - InfoCorona

For students - InfoCorona

AHOis partially open for our diploma students. All other tutoring and supervision continues from home, in digital channels. AHO will ensure that studies and research work continues as planned. 

Last chance to collect your belongings (June 2nd.-6th.)

AHO-students have developed a Facebook site for sosial contact, activities and events for students.
Check it out!

Information to AHO’s students regarding the completion and teaching of the autumn semester 2020

The planning of semester start in autumn 2020 is underway.
The main objective is to carry out an approximately normal semester with the necessary arrangements to meet the authorities' infection control requirements.


We are planning for an open school, but of course we have to make adjustments if the authorities enforces new measures to ensure infection protection.
It is important for all of us that you adhere to the basic infection protections rules that apply at AHO:
• Stay home if you are sick.
• Wash hands thoroughly and often.
• Keep at least 1-meter distance.
• Small groups rather than large congregations
• Keep AHO tidy so daily cleaning can be done
AHO's management has adopted requirements for teaching autumn 2020:
1. All students will get a workplace at the school
2. All studio courses are scheduled for normal completion
3. Some theory and specialization courses will be conducted digitally
4. The workshops will not be open in the manner you are acquainted with. This autumn you must book space adapted to the projects you will be working on
5. The library will be open, but the number of study spaces will be reduced to ensure adequate distance between users. Table surfaces and other objects are to be cleaned after use. Guidance will be provided digitally by appointment.
6. There will be no international travel this this autumn
7. Project work must be done individually or in small groups.
For gatherings groups up to 20 is recommended.
8. Group trips are to be avoided if the students must ride in cramped cars / buses.
9. There will be no international trips.
10. The data rooms will be available. Due to restrictions  each of the data rooms can b used by up to 20 students at any time. All work surfaces will be cleaned when the space is left to another student. S1 is maintained as before. In S2, 20 works spaces will be provided with "docking" capability against large screen for personal PC / MAC. A number of "virtual graphic data hall win-10 desktops" will be made available on request, for use both inside and outside the computer room.

Important dates this fall            
• Deadline for enrolling in the Student Web June 24th
• Deadline to apply for leave on August 10th
• Date of completion 11 August, the continuation examination is August 12th and 13th
• Course start diploma on Wednesday, August 12th
• New Master's students begin Friday, August 14th
• New first-year students begin Monday, August 17th
• The 4th and 5th year Master's classes begin Wednesday, August 19th
• Deadline for semester registration and paying semester fees September 1st
• The excursion week is week 41
• Specialization course week is week 46
You will receive detailed information during summer regarding the completion of your courses and your program. The information will be posted on Moodle.

Emergency fund for international students

Information regarding the an economic emergency fund for international students
AHO has established an emergency fund to support international, degree-seeking students with acute financial problems because of the COVID-19 situation.

From AHO’s rounds of calls and the survey “Consequences of the Corona-crisis”, we know that many of our international students have great financial difficulties. One of the causes is that they have lost their part-time jobs due to the shutdown during the pandemic. Several students do not have sufficient funds to cover food and rent expenses during the semester.

AHO has now established an emergency fund for international students who fall outside national loan fund schemes (Lånekassen) and other ordinary support schemes.
The AHO Emergency Fund applies to international, degree-seeking students who are still in Norway. It applies to those who are in urgent need of financial support in order to meet their financial obligations, such as rent, electricity or food.

Support from the emergency fund is given as a lump sum, and a maximum of 10.000, - NOK can be granted.
The International Office and the Communications Department are responsible for making the emergency fund known to current students, and the International Office is responsible for assessing the need for financial support in each case. Students seeking support from the Emergency Fund must specify what funding is being sought and document the need. The AHO management decides the final grant.

Criteria for eligibility

  • The applicant must be an international, degree-seeking student.
  • The applicant must still be in Norway and in urgent need of financial support in order to meet his/her financial obligations, e.g. rent, electricity, food.
  • The applicant must have had a loss of income due to the COVID-19 situation.
  • The applicant must specify what funding is being sought and how much this amounts to. Need for financial support must be documented with, for example, a rental contract, an invoice with electricity bills, a budget or an overview of food costs, etc. 

How to apply
Apply via Nettskjema
The application must be submitted by April 29th, 23:59.

AHO is partially open for diploma students

The Government has decided to open colleges and universities to a small group of students from April 27th. For AHO, this means that diploma students who are about to complete their degree this spring and who are dependent on access to the workshop and library will have access to the school.

AHO will ensure that we follow health based restrictions. We will also comply with the requirement that there should be no more than five persons present in the same area.  AHO must also ensure a physical distance of at least two meters between everyone. We emphasize that it is still very important that you continue to follow the general recommendations of the health authorities.

The opening only applies to diploma students. We know that many of you want to come back to school. This will not be possible. The digital teaching, digital reviews and exams will be continued throughout our semester. AHO WORKS is also cancelled.

Do you need someone to talk to?

It is an unusual and strange situation for all of us. It affects all students; both students who live far from home and have a limited network and students who study in their home municipality.
The Student Administration and International Office are here for you, even though we are not physically present on campus. 
This applies both to students who need someone to talk to and to students who are wondering about the practicalities of exams or teaching.
The study advisors and international coordinator are available via email, telephone and Zoom. If you would like to have a chat via Zoom, send an email to make an appointment. 

Who can I contact?

Study adviser for architecture and landscape architecture, foundation studies:
Elisabeth Mari Havig
+47 22 99 70 21

Study adviser for architecture and landscape architecture, master level:
Inger Helene Frivik
+47 22 99 71 61 

Study adviser for design, foundation studies and master level:
Tove Carlsen
+47 22 99 70 24

Internasjonal koordinator:
Ingvild Kristoffersen
+47 22 99 70 46

SiO – Studentsamskipnaden i Oslo
SiO offers confidential conversations via telephone, FaceTime or Zoom. More info here


AHO’s main priority to make sure that all students will be able to complete the semestre with the necessary reviws and exams. 

Exams spring semester 2020 – The Oslo School of Architecture and Design.
- Will I be able to take my scheduled exams this spring?
The Oslo School of Architecture and Design is giving high priority to finding solutions that will allow all students to take their exams as scheduled. This may involve changing the dates of the exams, as well as changing the method of assessment.
How will we conduct the exams and other assessments?
In general:

  • All scheduled written exams will be executed as digital home exams over one day on the same dates as already announced.
  • We will carry out Specialization week in week 18 as planned.
  • All assessments of studio courses should be completed by May 29. However, if required, presentations / reviews may take place up until the 12th of June,  provided that it is possible to carry out censorship immediately afterwards. 
  • It is even more important than usual to follow up on e-mail and all other communication channels (Moodle, zoom, slack etc.)
  • Course descriptions and the student web will be updated in line with changes being made.
  • The deadline for submitting your diploma is the 29th of May. Complementary info will be given directly to the candidates.

- What about mandatory activities?
We may also need to adjust tasks and activities. In this case, your teacher will provide information. 

- Illness, facilitation, postponements
For the spring semester of 2020, AHO allows self-notification if you are unable to attend an exam, a presentation or review. If you are ill or in quarantine during any form of exam this semester, you can notify us without attaching documentation. Please register your absence in this form
Students with valid reasons for absence from ordinary exam can apply for a postponed exam or an extended submission deadline
Deadline for notice: Before your final presentation or review. Please contact your study advisor if you have any questions

- Other questions regarding the exam.
Questions regarding teaching and assessment should be directed to your teacher.
Other questions: Please contact your study advisor.

Zoom, our digital meeting spot


Video conferencing and online teaching services

We recommend you all to use this service, both in an educational context, for general meetings and for private use.
The service is easy to use, and it is stable in terms of video and sound quality and it offers more functionality than for example SKYPE.
It is possible to record and you can choose between different ways to conduct a video conference (meeting, WEBINAR etc). You can freely invite participants to your videoconference that do not have a ZOOM account.
Teachers may record lectures and then upload to and then post the shared link in the learning platform (MOODLE).
Good video guides here

You log in here:

From the ZOOM client you can create a meeting in OUTLOOK. You then send it with an invitation to those who should attend the meeting.
The IT team will prioritize support over this service,
We'll be back over the weekend with more tips and information on tools and services that can be useful to both students and staff.Select "sign in"
Then you can login via FEIDE (FEIDE = AHO login)

We recommend:  that you log in from a local client (PC / MAC / tablet) and not via VDI access download the ZOOM client on your PC / MAC / NETWORK from that you use ZOOM instead of SKYPE.

If you need to divide your students into groups in a Zoom video lecture you can use the breakout room functionality. 
Please watch this video for more info
For this to work, all participants need to download and install the ZOOM-client and connect through the client.

Info from IKT

AHO account (password changes):
If you need to change your password because it expires, you can do so yourself here
VPN service:
 It is only necessary to use the VPN service, if you need access to download digital publications from the library, access to the license server and shared file areas at AHO. VDI users  in administration do not need to connect through VPN.

OPEN VPN installations
The VPN service will enable access to resources and services at AHO which is normally only available when your client / device is connected to the EDUROAM wireless network at AHO. 
When you connect through VPN your client / device will "believe" that your connected locally at AHO.
Setup for PC / MAC:
Connect to:

Download theOpenVPN client and connect with the URL above and your AHO username and password.
Setup for other devices is made available on Moodle.
PS! PLEASE disconnect the Open VPN connection if you do not need it.

Services for access to private and shared file areas and digital services at the AHO library.
Basically, these folders and services are only available when connected to AHO's network.
To access outside AHO you need to download an OPEN VPN client (see link above) and log in with AHO username and password. Then the machine thinks it is connected to AHO's network locally. (tutorial:
MOODLE for academic staff and students
The learning platform is a good starting point for dialogue between teachers and students within the individual courses.
Over the next week, ZOOM will be integrated with MOODLE so that ZOOM can be used more seamlessly for teaching and feedback.
Moodle licenses and software here

Graphic WIN 10 desktop computer room (GDAAS) We can offer a limited number of virtual desktops. Own registration forms have been sent out to the students.
Various information:

Information from UNIT 
Tips on teaching online

For more information:

For exchange students

The serious and unpredictable situation we are in is developing rapidly and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has therefore issued new travel advice. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs now recommends to suspend all travel that is not strictly necessary. Furthermore, our Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide urges all Norwegian citizens who are traveling abroad to consider returning home as soon as possible. See press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here.
In view of this, and in view of the fact that our neighboring country Denmark has already closed the borders, we recommend all exchange students to return to Norway as soon as possible
Most of you will be able to continue following online education from Norway. For those who cannot do this, other solutions are being worked on.
Do not hesitate to contact the International Office.

Int. Office at AHO:
+ 47 22 99 70 46

Access to the building

Access to AHO is closed for students. 
Stay safe!

Info from the Workshops

PS! The workshops are closed for the Easter holidays from Monday April 6th. until April 13th.

The workshop is closed due to corona. We appreciate that your experience constructing models and planning for this will be different. The various institutes and courses have now changed their model requirements. Listen to your instructors.


Only employees may access the workshops, and we seek to maintain digital production processes. By this, we hope to satisfy some needs.

Traffic and physical contact must be minimized, but the workshop has a low threshold. All students and instructors may contact us if they need to. Either by telephone, email or through zoom meetings. 

Order 3D-prints as usual through
For other services, we have established a temporary online solution. Among other things, this involves us taking care of the materials. This is what we have available:

  • Grey cardboard: 700x1000mm, thickness: 1mm, 1,5mm, 2mm, 2,5mm and 3mm (for knife cutter and laser)
  • Kapa/foamboard, white: 700x1000mm, thickness 3mm, 5mm and 10mm (for knife cutter)
  • Corrugated cardboard, white: 700x1200mm, thickness 2mm (for knife and laser)
  • Styrofoam: 500x1000mm, thickness 100mm, 200mm, 300mm (for cnc-milling)

If needed, we may also produce blocks of wood for cnc-milling. Contact us for other needs. We also recommend that you use renowned stores for modelling supplies.

How to order services from the workshop: 
1. Download an order form:

(3D-printing is ordered as before, see above)

2. Fill in the form
Open the form in adobe acrobat and select «fill & sign».
Fill in and write a comprehensive description of the job under “notes”.
NB! It is important that we receive all info necessary to complete the job.
3. Upload
Upload form and dxf/stl-files to Box-link. Sent to you by mail, from
4. Receive confirmation
The workshop checks the form and files. If everything is ok, we will email you a confirmation with an estimated price and delivery. 

5. Job complete
When the job is complete, you will receive an email with pricing and information on when it may be picked up.

6. Pick-up of finished product(s)
This is the critical point for us and in regards to possible contamination.
The product(s) may be picked up at AHO between the hours of 13 and 15.

The person picking up must be completely healthy.
Go to the staff entrance and press the buzzer marked «Verksted», and we will come to let you in.
NB! Remember to bring a payment card for purchase

The AHO library

The library is closed for visits and loans, but our digital services are open.
See the AHO library's page for details

PS! You can now return books in the box by the entrance by the workshops.


Since staff have access to the school we can provide you with printed materials from the AHO library.
We can scan and email the following materials to you

  • Articles from printed journals.
  • Chapters/pages from printed books. 

We’ll lend out printed books to you and deliver them to your post shelf or office, or by appointment.
The library will not be open, but we’ll staff the library.
Please place requests in Oria

Info for the PhD Candidates

To all PhD candidates at AHO
We know that the corona-situation is unclear and difficult for most people at AHO. The school is working continuously to enable and help PhD students to complete the program according to the scheduled plan as far as possible.
Public defenses in 2020
AHO is working to facilitate all planned public defenses, and will introduce the implementation and facilitation of digital solutions that ensure both the requirements for the defense and the infectious control. If you are completing your doctoral degree and plan to do your defense in 2020, you can contact to get more information on how the research administration are working with digital solutions.
Questions and feedback
If you have questions about the study program, progression or other PhD-related enquiries, these can be directed to and we will answer as soon as we can. If you already know that your progression as a PhD student will be delayed due to the corona-situation, it is important that you contact us and keep us informed.
PhD Program and supervision
If you have academic questions or are unsure how to plan your PhD studies in the future, we recommend you to contact the head of the PhD Program
For PhD students who are also employed as fellows
Fellows with children under the age of 12 can obtain an extended employment related to absence in connection with the care of children, due to closed schools/kindergartens. In principle, the regulations require two consecutive weeks of absence before an extension is granted. Based on the extraordinary situation that has arisen, AHO will as long as schools and kindergartens are closed abdicate the requirement for consecutive absence. Extension is granted when you have an absence of 10 days or more during the period. Fellows must send the formal application of extension to AHO’s HR department,, when the schools/kindergartens are re-opened.

For our international students

Entitlement to different benefits from NAV. Foreign students can register as voluntary member of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme to claim benefits. The registration is free.

​Info for outgoing, incoming and degree-seeking students (pdf)

The emergency response group (ERG) urges all students a to check your school e-mail for information from the address. ERG encourages everyone to follow the updates closely. All information will also be published on this page - but due to personnel/home office situations there might be a short delay. 

If you have questions that are not answered on these pages you can contact
Please do not use the info e-mail address unnecessarily. There is a lot of pressure and most questions are answered on the National Institute of Public health’s web site.

For general information:
Health Care Information 815 55 015
If you think you are infected with corona:
Call your GP or emergency room at 116 117
Important: Do not show up at the doctor or the emergency room, but stay home and make contact by phone.
In case of acute injury or illness:
If you or someone close to you is seriously ill or injured, call 113.

Take care of yourself - Take care of others

Contact AHO (Covid-19):

Int. Office at AHO:
+ 47 22 99 70 46

Facebook AHO helps AHO

Useful links

Coronavirus disease - advice and information (

Information on the coronavirus and measures taken in the city of Oslo (

Information site for Coronavirus disease COVID-19 (

Advice and information to the public (

Information for travelers (

​Info for outgoing, incoming and degree-seeking students (pdf)

Foreign students in Norway (


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