Master of Landscape Architecture Tromsø







STUDIO: Svalbard

Svalbard as a Fluid Territory is a studio course in Landscape Architecture.
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I wanted to learn something new and unique, and see landscapes from a different perspective. I chose the programme because of my interest in Northern territories, and the idea of living in the Northern hemisphere, feeling polar day and night on my skin. I thought I would love it here surrounded by snow-covered mountains, and I was right!

- Joanna Goca łek, Master student, Tromsø

It’s an exclusive and different programme and there is no better framework than Tromsø to study it. The location allows you to be in touch with the landscapes you will work with.  Also, Tromsø is quite a cosmopolitan city where you can enjoy cultural life and meet people sharing the same curiosity about the North. It’s the perfect remote place allowing you to be in touch with wild nature, without being too isolated from the outside world.

- Master student, Tromsø

Read the pdf-book Arctic Territories from the fall semester 2015,
Master of Landscape Architecture in Tromsø
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