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Namik Mackic

Institutt for urbanisme og landskap

Namik Mackic is a transdisciplinary designer and urban and landscape researcher educated from Harvard Graduate School of Design. His work, spanning teaching, consulting, curatorial, and artistic practice, studies historical and contemporary processes of urban transformation and socio-ecological adaptation in response to conditions of acute or chronic crisis and destabilization. Focus areas are: indigenous and vernacular environmental design as earth systems mediation; operational landscapes as techno-territorial sublation of the State; interscalar territorial implications of human migration; and technological and social futures of collective form. At AHO he teaches design studios in the 3rd year of architecture and landscape architecture programs which introduce students to the urban project as a strategic instrument in the restructuring of metropolitan landscapes and the inner city, and research seminars in landscape theory at the masters level that explore ideological and philosophical implications of contemporary landscape urbanist thought and practice.


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