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Gjesteforelesning: Cesar Harada

AHO ønsker velkommen til åpen forelesning med Cesar Harada: "Community innovation for social and environmental impact" torsdag 28. september kl 13.

Cesar Harada is an French-Japanese Inventor, Environmentalist and Entrepreneur. Currently Director of MakerBay, Hong Kong MakerSpace for Social & Environmental Impact. Cesar is developing Protei – a revolutionary shape shifting sailing robot under the Scoutbots LTD brand.
TED Senior Fellow, Unreasonable at sea Entrepreneur, Figure of progress (by GOOD and IBM), APEC Maker Awardee, passionate about “Open Hardware for the Environment” with a strong focus on ocean communities & technologies. Cesar used to teach Masters of “Design and Environment” at Goldsmiths University. Cesar is a graduate from the Royal College of Arts London, Design Interactions Department, and worked  as MIT Boston USA Project Leader as well as construction manager of the *IHub_ in Nairobi Kenya. Cesar led the Open-H2O (former Open-Sailing) to win the ARS Electronica Golden Nica [NEXT IDEA] (Austria) and the VIDA awards Fundacion Telefonica (Spain). 

"Most innovation we get to hear about are hi-tech and produced by big international brands in the form of entertaining consumer gadgets and apps. But most of them are fads and quickly add to the landfill. In that regards most innovative technology either tend to control or damage the environment and increase social discrepancies. Could technology be created by "the people" and have a positive impact on the environment and unite human societies? In this presentation, Cesar Jung-Harada will share his experience in the high and lows of developing community-based technologies, generally open source in for/non-profit and academic environment. From shape-shifting sailing robots, to electric autonomous vehicles, to designing for the elderly, the homeless and working with refugee communities around the world." 

Dato: 28 september, 2017
Tid: 13:00

Sted: AHO, Auditorium Sverre Fehn
Adresse: Maridalsveien 29, 0175 Oslo

Kontakt: Linda Blaasvær