Gjesteforelesning: Henri Bava

AHO ønsker velkommen til gjesteforelesning med landskapsarkitekt Henri Bava fra Agence TER, torsdag 23. mars kl 18.00

Åpent for alle!

Henri Bava is one of three founders of Agence Ter. His work is driven by the curiosity to push the limits of the profession by experimenting with a transverse approach to urban and territorial projects, far from the usual opposition between urban planners, architects and landscape designers. Agence Ter is now developing its approach to large metropolitan territories through planning studies placing the geography and its landscapes at the centre of the city-territory problematic, thus offering a tool for change, within the frame of a concerted approach, at a very early stage of the project with the involvement of all stakeholders. It is an open-minded approach with a desire to contribute to today’s changing world.

Dato: 23 mars, 2017
Tid: 18:00

Adresse: AHO, Maridalsveien 29

Kontakt: Elisabeth.Ulrika.Sjodahl@aho.no