Photo: Sandra Pereznieto, 2015



ROZANA MONTIEL | ESTUDIO DE ARQUITECTURA, based in Mexico City, is an interdisciplinary team that focuses on architectural design, artistic re-conceptualizations of space, and the public domain. The studio works with a wide variety of projects in different scales and layers that range from the city to the micro-object, artifacts and books.

For the studio, research and experimentation are fundamental in every project, attempting to recover social construction in city making. The projects generate multiple spatial narratives that propose an architectonic discourse congruent and specific to each project, and whose critical inquiry is founded in rethinking the texts and subtexts of a space, as well as the design tools used in spatial representation.

Rozana Montiel has won several national and international prestigious awards, and her interdisciplinary work has been published in renowned architectural digests, as well as exhibited in Mexico, Spain, France, Germany, United States, England and China and has been presented in the Venice, Sao Paolo, Rotterdam and Lima biennials. Montiel has just been selected for one of the 2016 Emerging Voices Awards from the Architectural League of New York.

The lectureres will be:
Rozana Montiel Saucedo, Architect
Claudia Rodriguez Quintana, Architect
Daniel Jaramillo, Agronomist


PS! Lecure starts at 13:30

Dato: 3 mars, 2016
Tid: 13:30

Sted: A2, Sverre Fehn
Adresse: AHO, Maridalsveien 29, 0175 Oslo

Kontakt: Neven Fuchs-Mikac