AHO brown bag lecture series #2: Closing the loop - Where is Norway going?

Circularity – AHO brown bag lecture series #2: Closing the loop - Where is Norway going? Michel Wolfstirn
Welcome to the second guest lecture in AHOs circularity lecture series.  We will be zooming in on the Norwegian example in a guest lecture held by Michel Wolfstirn. A number of initiatives and projects have emerged in recent years in Norway latching onto the circular economy trend. In this presentation we will go over some of these examples before taking a look at the challenges ahead and discussing what is needed to tackle them. The 40 minute talk will be introduced and moderated by Tine Hegli of AHO, and we invite everyone to participate in a following and hopefully thriving discussion.
Michel Wolfstirn is the co-founder of BiomimicryNorway, a non-profit organisation focused on education related to nature inspired innovation. As a consultant he also provides services related to sustainable innovation using the circular economy and biomimicry as frameworks for finding better solutions in design, engineering and business models. Michel has 14 years of experience as a mechanical engineer and designer, and after spending over 8 years in the corporate world of the oil industry he decided to try and balance his karma by helping start-ups and focusing on sustainability.
Michel is a certified Circulab consultant and an experienced workshop facilitator. In the past 5 years he has been a visiting lecturer at several schools including AHO (ProtoHype / TRANSFORM)

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For those of you that missed out on Circularity lecture #1 on circular economy by Simon Widmer, please find the recording here
And a reminder to AHO staff about the ongoing mapping of circularity at AHO. If you are interested in participating in the ongoing mapping of circularity at AHO, remember to sign up on the workshop sessions scheduled for June 8th at 12.00, June 10th at 9.00 or at 14.00. You can indicate your availability to participate in a session through the following link
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Dato: 12 juni, 2020
Tid: 11:30 - 13:00

Sted: Zoom