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AHO Guest lecture series Spring 2022: Catherine Mosbach

Lecture title: Through the looking glass


Represented by Catherine Mosbach, mosbach paysagistes has extensive experience with large-scale projects in urban landscapes with high heritage and environmental value. The skills of the studio are developed at different scales and landscape briefs in order to articulate natural resources with urban & cultural ones. The public facilities projects develop an integrated scenography between the landscape settlements, holistic and didactic approach accessible to all public. Among the most representative are the Botanical Garden of Bordeaux, the Archaeological Park of Solutré or Louvre Lens Museum Park and more recently Phase Shifts Park in Taichung. These sites clearly expose the environmental, cultural, economic & urban dynamics linked to the constant mutations of contemporary life.

catherine_mosbach_portrait.jpgMosbach Catherine has a deug of Sciences of Nature and Life, Physics Chemistry at the University Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg, then a diploma of Landscape Architect DPLG at the ENSP Versailles in 1987. The magazine Pages Paysages (1987) with Claramunt, Jacotot and Tricaud creates an interdisciplinary support nourished by a practice and a ‘master’ in History and Civilization under the direction of Jacques Revel at the EHESS Paris in 1990. Mosbach was named to the rank of Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur in 2016. She was a Visiting Professor at Penn Design, Philadelphia in 2003-2006 and at Harvard GSD Cambridge in 2017-2019. Among recent awards, Mosbach received the Architecture Master Prize Sub-Category Winner in Landscape & Urban Design - Firm of the Year in Los Angeles. 


... Big datas and algorithms, promoted in dominant referential, reveal universes deprived of 'writings', 'interpretations', 'imaginations', of 'other perspectives', except from the ones given in advance. Being a particularity in the universe, among other particularities, does not imply a overhang on what is not us. To navigate between words, images and drawings, to relay, to transmit, stratum among strata, is a difference, a resource called "humanities". No instrument can supplant or absorb this singularity. Multiplying focals—micro through biology and macro through astronomy—are sharpened as never before in the history of humanity. To seize an opportunity supposes to be up to the task and to know how to create a blissful state beyond temporalities. Leave a door open to what is not yet defined. Play a musical score of plural universes. Architects, landscape architects, designers .... imagine the nurseries of tomorrow. Let’s give a chance to the ‘disséminations’ and creative propensities ...


Dato: 24 mai, 2022
Tid: 17:00

Sted: A2 Sverre Fehn auditorium
Adresse: Maridalsveien 29

Kontakt: guestlectures@aho.no

This event is open to everyone