The AHO Open lecture series presents: Espen Surnevik + Gro Bonesmo

Join us in celebrating our 75th anniversary – explore our rich history, reflect on our impact today and speculate with us about future opportunities. We are opening up and inviting in to a series of physical and digital events this autumn 2020 and spring 2021. We invite you to engage with us through a series of guest lectures this autumn.

The AHO Open lecture series: 
5th November 18.00
Gro Bonesmo + Espen Surnevik 


Espen Surnevik's lecture:

As AHO is having its 75-year anniversary in 2020, TEN SHORT HISTORIES will reflect over historical circumstances that has become fuel for my own work on architecture.

Gro Bonesmo's lecture:

We are more connected - and more independent than ever.
Traveling light made possible by handheld and customized technology supporting our individual needs and a new mobility. Digital platforms for sharing economies allowing a new democratization of resources and a lighter touch, access over ownership.
The city and its public space; our COMMONS - are increasingly liberated of dedicated civic service.
When everything is individualized and reduced to an app – what then keeps us together in the city? 
The social distancing of 2020 gave us a new awareness of what we miss. Revisiting our works on public space, testing the resilience of our new commons as UNCOMMITTED SPACE.

Location: A2 at AHO (max 20 people) or Kaltura link (Link below)
Attendants must registers with full name and contact info in advance here. 

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Dato: 5 november, 2020
Tid: 18:00