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The AHO Open lecture series presents: Lars Marcus Vedeler + Hanne Bat Finke

Join us in celebrating our 75th anniversary – explore our rich history, reflect on our impact today and speculate with us about future opportunities. 

We are opening up and inviting in to a series of physical and digital events this autumn 2020 and spring 2021.
We invite you to engage with us through a series of guest lectures this autumn.
To follow the government Corona guidelines, this lecture will only be digital. 
The AHO Open lecture series:

06 May kl 18:00
Lars Marcus Vedeler + Hanne Bat Finke​

Lars Marcus Vedeler is an assistant professor in interaction design at the institute of design. He teaches both at the undergraduate – and the master level, with mainly focused on screen-based interactions. Vedeler has broad design practice experience, working in-house, as consultant, and producing self-developed hardware and software. 

Hanne Bat Finke is an associate professor in landscape architecture at the institute of Urbanism and Landscape, and a coordinator of the new master in landscape architecture shared with UT Tromsø.. She is mainly teaching at the undergraduate with a focus on FORM, PROCES AND DYNAMICS. Finke has an extensive practice experience, from over 20 years with own practice and former employments. Additionally, Finke has been designated President for the Landscape Committee under the Adcademic Council in Denmark, as a stateadvisor in landscape planning and landscape architecture.

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In case you missed lectures from the AHO Open lecture series. 

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Kalender | Arkitektur- og designhøgskolen i Oslo

Dato: 6 mai, 2021
Tid: 18:00

Sted: Online