Disputas: Frida Almqvist

Frida Almqvist forsvarer sin doktoravhandling "Service design in the later phases: Exploring user insights, handovers, and service design roadmapping in the transition from service concept to implemented service" for PhD-graden ved AHO tirsdag den 16. juni kl 12.00. Disputasen vil foregå på engelsk.

Prøveforelesning: Contemporary public sector Service Design-related opportunities and challenges - including the history and state of the associated design-theoretical discourse.

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Disputas: 12.00


The later phases of service development cover the transition from service design concept to implemented service. While being central to the realization of services, these phases have received limited attention in service design research and practice. This thesis describes the exploration of the later stages of service design as part of service development processes in Norwegian public and healthcare sectors. The study shows that service design consultants seldom are involved in the later phases, making the handover from consultants to their clients especially important.
The research contributes to a deeper understanding of how service designers’ processes and practices might be improved in relation to the later phases. It does so through practical explorations and theoretical discussions of service design handovers, and by introducing a service design roadmapping approach. This approach is a contribution to research and practice that can improve the handover and support service designers and their clients in the transition between conceptualization and implementation.

frida_alm_1_0.jpgOm kandidaten  
Frida Almqvist (1989) is a service design researcher interested in the handovers between service design consultants and their clients, and approaches that support service development processes by bridging the gap between conceptualization and implementation. Her research was carried out as part of the Centre for Connected Care, and funded by the Research Council of Norway. Almqvist holds a master’s degree in service design from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (2014), and previously worked for AHO’s research initiative Design for Public Services.


Simon Clatworthy, Institutt for design, AHO
Lise Amy Hansen, Institutt for design, AHO.


  • Førsteopponent Stefan Holmlid
  • Andreopponent Åsa Wikberg Nilsson
  • Tredje medlem og koordinator Peter Hemmersam

Dato: 16 juni, 2020
Tid: 12:00

Sted: Zoom

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