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Disputas: Sareh Saeidi Derakhshi

Sareh Saeidi forsvarer sin doktoravhandling "Inhabiting the architectural envelope. A Design-based Research on Redefining the Climatic and Atmospheric Performances of Architectural Envelop" for PhD-graden ved AHO onsdag den 24. juni kl 14.30. Disputasen vil foregå på engelsk.
Disputas: 14.30
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Contemporary facades commonly emphasize the separation of architecture from its local context by positioning them as support zones for various optimization demands or technical requirements. This dissertation rethinks the position of the façade as an inhabitable in-between space; a threshold that can be experienced; redefining it as the building envelope. The context-specific spatial potentials and qualities of the building envelope is thus discussed as a dynamic interface between the building, the climate, and the inhabitant.
By providing an overview of the primary concepts and theories on of the building envelopes, overlooked atmospheric potentials and characteristics, and proposing a potential design approach, the research offers a comprehensive understanding of building envelopes that links the architectural thinking to its practice. The research’s taxonomy of envelopes and the mapping of specific concepts contributes to the field of research on location-specific buildings by facilitating the identification of various design problems and how they can be approached.
Om kandidaten: 
Sareh Saeidi is an architect, researcher and educator, graduated from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm (M. Arch.) and had worked in Iran as an architect for several years. She is currently Assistant Professor (TP3: Emerging Sustainable Architecture) at Aarhus School of Architecture. Saeidi is interested in location-specific building design and the intermediary, atmospheric and ecological role of the architectural envelope while bridging research, teaching, and practice.


Michael Hensel, Institute of Architectural Sciences, Vienna University of Technology, Austria  


  • First opponent David Leatherbarrow
  • Second opponent Anne Beim
  • Third member and coordinator Halvor Ellefsen

Dato: 24 juni, 2020
Tid: 14:30

Sted: Zoom

Kontakt: disputas@aho.no