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Doctoral defence: Yue Zou

Yue Zou will defend his PhD thesis "Speculating on Design, Life Styles and Forms - Studies in the Contexts of Climate Change and Sustainability" online on April 26th. The defence will be in English. 
The thesis is available here: https://hdl.handle.net/11250/3065057

The title of the trial lecture is: "China and pluriversality: An explanation through the cosmotechnics of plant-specific relations". 
You can watch the trial lecture here: https://aho.cloud.panopto.eu/Panopto/Pages/Viewer.aspx?id=1b5440fd-e4e7-4072-a371-afef00751950
Defence: 09.00
If you want to follow the defence, please sign up using this link: https://aho.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_-tNFkR0HQA2w5GfK6gzgaQ
About the thesis:
To seek a fundamental change in design towards long-term sustainability, this thesis explores a speculative, nondualist, and relational design approach to engaging with ongoing climate change and sustainable design transformations. In this thesis, I build a practice-based Eco-Cultural-Techno Design Speculative Approach through posthumanist notions of Life Style and Life Form to designing Eco-Cultural-Techno futures and understanding the problems and potentials of long-term sustainable transformations. The research consists of two practice-based design studies that offer critiques of the field of cosmetics and consumer culture through two projects, that explore alternative conceptualisations and new relationships of design-based Eco-Cultural-Techno futures.
The main contribution of this study is a conceptual approach to investigate Eco-Cultural-Techno futures for transitioning to long-term sustainability. It also offers a posthumanist perspective related to Life-Style-Form through which this approach may be read in greater depth. With the approach and perspective, the thesis demonstrates the design-inflected possibilities of multisensory and cooperative futures that could contribute to rethinking and supporting long-term sustainability.

yue_zou_image_116.pngAbout the candidate: 
Yue Zou is a transdisciplinary designer and design researcher from China. He holds two Masters of Design from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) and Hunan University, and a Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Design from Hunan University. He is conducting speculations on the future of sustainable everyday life by combining design research and design practices and bringing further studies of posthumanism in design. His works have been exhibited globally, such as Milan, Stockholm, and Shanghai Design Week. He is currently teaching at the School of Creativity and Art, Shanghaitech University in Shanghai.

Supervisor: Andrew Morrison
Co-supervisor: Håkan Edeholt
Adjudication committee:
Professor Martín Ávila
Professor James Auger
Associate Professor Mari Suoheimo

Dato: 26 april, 2023
Tid: 09:00