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Doctoral thesis defence: Claire Dennington

Claire Dennington will defend her PhD thesis "Refashioning Service Design. Designing for popular cultural service experience." at AHO on 10 May 2021. The defence will be in English. 

Title of the trial lecture: Critical perspectives on reflexivity in service design research.


The defence will be held digitally over zoom. 


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PhD thesis
Read the thesis online here


In the entanglement of people, touch-points, interactions and experiences that shape services, meaning is constructed and circulated. However, in service design research and practice, limited attention has been given to the dynamic interplay of meaning and value set in motion through service design. 

This thesis explores new connections between service design and concepts from popular culture from a practice perspective. It inquires experiential ways of translating cultural phenomena to innovate conceptual services through an overall research through design mode, in partnership with national and global lifestyle brands. The study further investigates the notion of the cultural intermediary within service design, and practical means to facilitate the service designer when designing for services that are culturally located, enacted and experienced. 

The research contributes to a broader understanding of the potential cultural roles and prospective of the field and practice of service design. It offers a practical and experiential approach and tool for trend-transformation to novel service offerings and details, when designing for meaningful service experiences embedded in popular culture. 

claire_denn_1_0.jpgAbout the candidate: Claire Dennington is a service design researcher, practitioner and lecturer. She holds a master’s degree from AHO (2007). Over the past 15 years she has been working in the intersection of service design, branding and innovation within cultural and lifestyle-oriented sectors. She currently teaches service design at the Institute of Design at AHO, and is partner in Reform Projects, a studio rethinking and reinventing products, processes and services to help reform tomorrow’s fashion and lifestyle industry. Her research was carried out as part of the Centre for Service Innovation (CSI). 


  • Simon Clatworthy
  • Andrew Morrison

Adjudication committee:
  • Rachel Cooper
  • Stefan Holmlid
  • Lise Amy Hansen

Dato: 10 mai, 2021
Tid: 12:00

Sted: Online