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Exhibition and conference: Norwegian Rural communities + Costal mapping exhibition

The five Coastal Mapping Research Studios, have been mapping the impact of fisheries on Norwegian rural settlement on a territorial level, and on the level of place. At the end of 2021 all fishing villages from Bodø to the border to Russia, will have been investigated. This exhibition gives a report from our work in the “core area” for the Cod Fisheries; Lofoten, Vesterålen and Senja.
37 AHO students have contributed to the work (full list of credits in the exhibition), headed by Professor Karl Otto Ellefsen and Assistant professor Espen Aukrust Hauglin.  
The CMRS exhibition was set to open in the AHO gallery on the 24th of November. Due to the pandemic and the lock-down, the exhibition had to be postponed.
We have therefore designed a digital exhibition to be opened on the same day, accessible in the months to come.  The exhibition is hosted on the www.coastalmapping.no
We will also launch a series of 30 minute lunch lectures starting on the 24th. The lectures will be streamed in real time, and will also be available on the CMRS website.
The digital exhibition is a reinterpretation of the planned gallery exhibition. The progression is linear and text-based. The exhibition follows the text and allows for detours to the CMRS digital material on the way.
Program for the opening – AHO 24.11 16.00
  • Introduction to CMRS and the exhibition – Espen Aukrust Hauglin.
  • The Rural – Karl Otto Ellefsen
  • Opening speech – Tarald Lundevall
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Lunch-lecture series
Rural stories – a series of 30 minutes digital lectures.
24.11 17.00      
Mapping the Atlantic Coast, Karl Otto Ellefsen
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24.11 17.45      
Podcast Finnmark, Arina Perevedentseva, Trygve Aune Tveita, Sebastian Jørung Øvrebø.

26.11 12.00      
The Global Rural, Stephan Petermann
Peterman has for a long time been a collaborator at OMA, working together
with Rem Koolhaas on the recent “Countryside” exhibition at the Guggenheim, New York.
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30.11 12.00      
Portguese fisheries – imprints on Coastal Settlements, Andre Tavares and Diego Inglez de Souza
Andre Tavares is a Portuguese Professor doing international research projects linked to the CMRS studio.
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2.12  12.00        
Norsk landsbygd i dag, Reidar Almås (lecture in Norwegian)
Reidar Almås startet og ledet Senter for bygdeforskning, som nå kalles Ruralis og er knyttet til NTNU.
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4.12 12.00        
Fiskeværets arkitektur, Tarald Lundevall (lecture in Norwegian)
Tarald Lundevall er professor emeritus ved AHO og medforfatter til boka
«Atlantic Coast – A Monography of Place” (Ellefsen/Lundevall).
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Dato: 23 november, 2020 - 6 desember, 2020
Tid: 16:00 - 18:00