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Exhibition: Byggforskserien Past-Present-Future

Welcome to the exhibition opening Wednesday 26. September at 12:00!
The exhibition is open on weekdays 08:00-15:00 from Sept. 26 – Oct. 10. 

Norsk Byggforskningsinstitutt (NBI) was established in 1949 with the purpose of making domestic and foreign building research known for the domestic construction industry. Norway suffered from a shortage of housing and construction material, and a successful introduction and prevalence of lightweight timber constructions were needed:  A committee was set up in 1954 to develop such guidance, and the first versions of "Byggdetaljer" (Construction Details) were sold and published in 1958.

This publication was the beginning of Byggforskserien, celebrating 60 years anniversary providing the Norwegian building industry with research-based guidance and knowledge. The product, which is highly recognised for its content and impact, has throughout the years broadened and maintained the scope according to the current need in the industry and social development. The distribution and dissemination have undergone similar changes from hand drawings and post shipping of paper copies to today's cloud-based online solution.
This exhibition, Byggforskserien - Past, Present, Future, shows briefly the history of Byggforskerien, the development towards the present version and situation, and points out  some challenges of the future dissemination of building knowledge. 

Dato: 26 september, 2018 - 10 oktober, 2018
Tid: 10:00 - 15:00

Sted: AHO galleri
Adresse: Maridalsveien 29, 0175 Oslo