Exhibition: Stovner

Come and see our exhibition about Stovner, the largest and most ambitious of Oslo’s Suburbs, built between 1968-78 at the furthest point east in Oslo’s Grorud Valley. When constructed, it provided a dramatic transformation of a large rural outlying area of Oslo, introducing some 20,000 inhabitants, who were housed in terraced Low Rise High Density blocks and greenspace. Stovner reflects international Modernist and Brutalist thinking at that time and forms the largest effort by its controversial developer Olav Selvaag’s to deliver a low-cost, rapid-delivery utopia for Suburban Oslo. Parallels include Low Rise High Density work in London, Atelier 5’s Siedlung Halen and the Post-war work of Le Corbussier (amongst others).
The exhibition represents the output of 6-months of community engagement, with teenagers and school-children from Stovner and the surrounding area. During which we discussed the history of Stovner, their relationships to the area, what it offers them today and how they might seek to change it for the better. This was a cooperative project with the Abloom Film Festival, who raise awareness about diversity and accessibility, and culminated in a two day film festival at Rommen School, Stovner on the 6th and 7th of June.
It forms part of Tom Davies’s PhD looking at the balance between heritage protection and use of Post-war architecture.
Tom would like to thank Masters students Palak Dudani, Nick Coates and Torgeir Nordbø for their fantastic efforts in designing and building the exhibition and running workshops with 50 plus 10-12 year olds!
The exhibition is hosted at Stovner Deichmanske Library in the Stovner Centre (Stovner T-bane) and is located at the left of the library in one of the seating areas. Entrance is free. It will be on until early October.
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Dato: 10 september, 2018 - 31 oktober, 2018
Tid: 07:00 - 23:00

Sted: Deichman Stovner
Adresse: Stovner Senter 3, 0985 Oslo

Kontakt: Tom Davies