Guest lecture: Stephen Taylor

You are kindly invited to the guest lecture ‘The Art of Inhabitation’ by Stephen Taylor from London based practice Stephen Taylor Architects.
Stephen Taylor Architects are an award-winning RIBA practice that work both in Britain and internationally on high quality contemporary architecture and urbanism. The practice was several times named RIBA Architect of the Year for the exceptional architectural work in housing and masterplanning.

With a continuing commitment to architecture’s social dimension, as well as its capacity for artistic and cultural expression, the office recognizes the collective processes by which buildings and cities are made as part of an ongoing economic, social and cultural continuum. Amongst their interests lie a strong concern for the direct emotional effect and everyday experiential qualities that architecture can have through its physical and spatial presence, materiality and constructional directness.

An architecture that is consensual and generous whilst reflective and yet dramatic. Behind apparent simplicity of Stephen’s architecture there is an intricate architectural complexity of living spaces. The office is committed to the craft of sustainable construction and the research of new technologies in pursuit of making buildings that fulfil not only the clients’ expectations of space, light and air, but also economic efficiency and environmental responsibility.


Dato: 29 november, 2018
Tid: 14:00

Sted: A2 Sverre Fehn auditorium
Adresse: Maridalsveien 29, 0175 Oslo

Kontakt: Neven Fuchs-Mikac