Zoom-lecture: Circularity – AHO brown bag lecture series #1

Circularity – AHO brown bag lecture series #1: The Circular Economy – a global standpoint
by EllenMacArthur Foundation, Simon Widmer

AHO Zoom – meeting Friday May 8th 11.30 – 13.00
We are starting our AHO circularity lecture series with an exciting global overview on the circular economy and invited a global player – the EllenMacArthur Foundation. What are the concept, theory and practice of the circular economy? What are historical developments, global cornerstones, and avenues to come? How does circular economy broaden and move from material circularity to a more holistic understanding of circularity? How does this relate to the AHO disciplines – to landscape planning, urbanism, architecture, and the fields of design? In a 40min lecture, Simon Widmer will share exciting insights and a global view on circularity. The talk will be introduced and moderated by Tobias Luthe of AHO, and we invite everyone for a following thriving discussion to jointly explore how EMF and AHO may team up in the future, and how circularity may inspire our collaborative work at AHO.
Simon is the Design Network and Creative Lead in the circular design programme of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. He believes in the creative power of design and our ability to shape products, services and systems with intention. From the clothes we wear to the buildings we live and work in, to systems that deliver food and mobility - all has been designed and is either fit for a model that is regenerative and can work in the long-term, or for a linear and extractive model. Simon is passionate about combining design thinking with a systems perspective to help us re-imagine and re-design for a circular economy. He has led the development of the Circular Design Guide in collaboration with IDEO. Previously, Simon has been a project manager in the New Plastics Economy initiative contributing to the report Rethinking the future of plastics and a management consultant at McKinsey & Company.
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A friendly reminder on mapping due May 7th:
You have already been invited by rector Ole Gustavsen to participate in the mapping in his mail April 28th. We thank all that already has responded. And for those of you that has not had time yet, here is the link to the mapping form.
For all of you engaged in teaching, research and the workshop,
please fill in your input in the online form by May 7th 

The mapping will feed into the planning of the lecture series on circular design and initiatives to develop joint courses and research proposals.
Kind regards - The circular design project team

Dato: 8 mai, 2020
Tid: 11:30

Sted: Zoom