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AHO is introducing: An executive master in Systems Oriented Design

Bilde: Lea Brochard and Nicoletta Aveni, AHO 2012​

AHO is introducing: An executive master in Systems Oriented Design

The Oslo School of Architecture and Design is happy to inform you that we are launching an experience-based master’s degree in Systems Oriented Design (SOD) this autumn, which will be a welcomed addition to our further education programme. The deadline to hand in your application is the 1tst of June. 

Systems Oriented Design is a way of thinking and a method to visualise complex issues and systems, for instance within a firm or an organisation. Thus, SOD is a smooth way for you to get an overview of compound issues and additionally modify and transform the system to make it more efficient and well-functioning. 

AHO is a well-renowned and international school that has a world-leading SOD environment through the Systemic Design Association. During the course of the master, a range of external research and academic environments will contribute and ensure that the education upholds a high quality. The principal educators are Birger Sevaldson, Andreas Wettre and Tobias Luthe.  
Relevant applicants to this programme are not only designers, but a range of people in different positions that are working with complex problem-solving and interdisciplinary collaboration. Once admitted, you will become a part of a unique, professional and cross-sectoral network and invited into AHO’s academic environment. 

This part-time master’s degree is tailored for people who are working full-time, due to its seminar-based structure. The master comprises 90 credits (ECTS) and is completed after three years.

To be admitted, you must have at least 2 years of relevant work experience and attained 180 ECTS. Alternatively, you should have acquired a minimum 120 ECTS and have a long and relevant work experience or completed a master’s degree of 300 ECTS.

To read more about our brand new master, check out our webpage here. 
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