How do research and practice mutually shape one another?

The speakers at CSoP-02, september 2016

How do research and practice mutually shape one another?

The second edition of The Changing Shape of Practice (CSoP) is a 2 day symposium with a gallery opening and a book launch. AHO's Michael U. Hensel (picture far left) is both hosting, presenting and releasing the book by the same name.
The symposium focuses on the following questions: Architectural practices worldwide have to deal with increasingly complex design requirements. How do practices acquire the ability to do so? What kinds and forms of knowledge are needed and produced in different types of practices? How are results, new knowledge and competences documented, shared and disseminated internally as well as externally? Is research itself now used as a strategic tool by architectural offices? How do research and practice in architecture mutually shape one another?

The speakers are:
Prof. Dr. Michael U. Hensel
Billie Faircloth [Kieran Timberlake] - Near Future Practices
Gregg Pasquarelli [SHoP Architects] - Out of Practice
Eli Synnevåg & Kristian Edwards [Snøhetta] - Snøhetta - Search and Research
Bjørn Gunnar Staal & Joakim Wiig Hoen [void] - VOID - Experimental Design Research
Reinhard Kropf [Helen and Hard] - Timber Structures and Space 
Jonas Runberger [White] - Integrated Research Networks in Practice
Dr. Julia Schlegel [Snøhetta] 
Sareh Saeidi [AHO Architecture]
Ute Christina Groba [AHO Architecture] 
Manuela Aguirre Ulloa [AHO IDE] 
Frans Magnusson [Chalmers Architecture]
Erik Linn [Chalmers Architecture] 
Prof. Dr. Andrew Morrison

AHO Gallery-event

The book (Amazon)

The exhibition ends on October 14th.