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Masterkurs - hausten 2016

Masterkurs - hausten 2016

Haustens valfrie kurs er opna for oppmelding. Masterstudentane på AHO kan velje ei rekke kurs. Nokre er valbare for alle studentar på masternivå, andre kurs er spesifikke for studieprogramma.
AHO tilbyr kvart semester valfrie kurs med ulike innfallsvinklar til arkitektur, landskapsarkitektur, urbanisme og design. Mange av kursa har ekskursjonar. I haust reiser studentar til blant anna Galapagos,Andesfjella, Bjørnøya, Roma og Toscana. Til hausten tiltrer og verdskjende Luis Callejas som lover studentane å kome «Behind the hill, into the wild». Sjå lista med lærarar og kurs her:

Valfrie masterkurs

Body and Space Morphologies: Architecture and Film
Rolf Gerstlauer
This is a research based teaching program that offers a series of elective courses and master studios in explorative architectural design, sensing and thinking.
Design Management
Rachel Troye

Design management gives the students an insight into the field of design management as a practical and theoretical field dealing with various issues that arise at the intersection between design and management.
System Oriented Design: Design for Democracy
Birger Sevaldson and Linda Blaasvær
The course ranges from micro to macro scale and students can develop and choose their perspective.

Digital fabrication, technologies and processes
Steinar Killi
There are several digital fabrication methods on the marked today. This course will, through practical, hands on exercises, give insight into use, limitations and possibilities with some of these technologies.

The City’s Public Spaces
Jonny Aspen

The course sets out to explore, through theory as well as empirical research in Oslo, what the main characteristics of urban public spaces can be said to be today. 

Norwegian Tectonic Building Traditions In Wood
Kolbjørn Nybø
PS! Language of instruction: Norwegian only
The first part of the course consists of lectures and discussions on various building tecniques and construction types. Parallel with this, the students build models of design principles, and / or they write a scientific essay on a relevant topic.

(For international students only)
Norwegian Architecture
Andrea Pinochet
Introductory course to Norwegian architecture, its history and the contemporary sphere.

Masterkurs i arkitektur
(også open for landskapsarkitekturstudentar)

Rethinking the Architecture Board
Ingrid Lønningsdal

This is a course in free-hand drawing where we use the architecture board as a starting point

Experience of a Nordic Space
Neven Fuchs-Mikac
“A building is not like an experiment in science, because the experience of the architectonic space is something you cannot separate from the space itself."

Low-rise High Density Prefabricated Timber Housing
Marius Nygaard and Ute Groba
In the context of increasing focus on a building’s environmental impact, timber as a construction material is of great relevance.

ACDL: Architecture and Productive Landscapes 1 
Søren Sørensen
The studio will focus on architectural design, the study of cultural productive landscapes and the way architectures can be designed for, and integrated with, these landscapes on multiple levels.

Modulating Microclimate 1
Michael Hensel and Søren Sørensen
The focus of this course is on learning concepts and skills related to environmental data collection and data-driven computational design.

Positions: Architecture and the Production of Presence
Lisbeth Funck
The studio offers a research-based teaching, with focus on in-depth individual research into a given topic.

Body and Space Morphologies : Catharsis II
Rolf Gerstlauer
This is a research based teaching program that offers a series of elective courses and master studios in explorative architectural design, sensing and thinking.

Scarcity and Creativity Studio: Galapagos Community Centre 
Christian Hermansen with Solveig Sandness and Oscar Santillan
The GALAPAGOS COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROJECT (GCDP) is an initiative aimed at diversifying different aspects of the social fabric of the Galapagos community.

Tropical Architecture
Christian Hermansen

This course teaches students to develop the knowledge which makes them aware of the principles of sound architectural design in a tropical climate.

In Transit II
Håvard Breivik and Tone Selmer-Olsen
In the context of the Syria crisis and as a contribution to the global response to mass displacement, In Transit II aims to develop design solutions, urban planning strategies, and tactical urbanism interventions to increase the livability for people in transit and their host communities.

Hub City Hong Kong (Triennale Studio)
Léa-Catherine Szacka and Gro Bonesmo
The brief for this semester is to design a multifunctional complex for a site in the city of Hong Kong.

100m³ Dwelling
Håkon Vigsnæs
The course will study a dwelling that is not specified for a specific number of residents, relationship between residents or age.

SPA - Studio for Potential Architecture
Nils Ole Brandszæg and Beate Hølmebakk

The main objective of Studio for Potential Architecture is to produce projects where the instumental framework for development of architectural form is investigated and explored.

Re-store Rome: Projecting and Transforming History
Bryony Roberts and Victor Plahte Tschudi
This course offers students the unique opportunity to learn from and respond to the architectural landscape of Rome, Italy.

Architecture makes history - Rome
Victor Plahte Tschudi
The elective course investigates how Rome’s architecture and the idea of history entwine. “Temporality”, “history”, and “past” are no abstract notions but ingredients of and in architectural practices at all times.


Masterkurs i landskapsarkitektur
(også open for arkitekturstudentar)

Fredrikstad, The Fortification and The City
Jeppe Andersen
The course seeks to understand the fortress, and how this has changed over time and how understanding its distinctive form can help to shape the city's future.

Behind the Hill, Into the Wild
Luis Callejas
The studio will venture out in two expeditions, the first one in Norway and the second to the high altitude tropical Andes in Colombia.

Intervals of Neglect: Industrial Heritage in the Arctic
Eimear Tynan
The course will introduce students to the topic of industrial heritage from an Arctic perspective through case studies specifically chosen for the studio.


Masterkurs i design

Industrial Design 1: Technoform
Steinar Killi
The course deals with the interaction between new technology and advanced form generation through two extensive iterations; First an incremental (evolution) solution, then a radical (revolution) solution within the same area.

Interaction Design 1: Tangible Interactions
Nicholas Stevens
Launches students into the world of interaction design by focusing on core skills and materials used in designing physical and digital interactions.

Service Design 1: Methods and Tools
Natalia Agudelo
The course’s orientation is essentially practical, it builds on the idea that the best way to develop skills is by means of projects and exposing them to feedback from multiple observers.

Design Studio
Mosse Sjaastad and Håkan Edeholt
In ‘Design studio’ students and teachers integrate and push these skills and mindsets to create rich projects with a high degree of professionally.

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