New pamphlets from AHO: Future North

New pamphlets from AHO: Future North

Available now: AHO presents three new pamphlets from three charged regions in the Artic: the Kola Peninsula, Vardø and Svalbard.

These are the last formal output from the Future North project which has been documenting, analyzing and speculating on the rapid changes in Arctic landscapes and territories since 2012.

The pamphlets feature student projects, diploma projects, blog posts, photos and articles on landscapes, urbanism and place development.

They are now available at AHO InfoDesk (the recption) for 150,- each. 

A big thank you to Research Council Norway, people in Vardø, Vardø Restored, agencies in Longyearbyen, students in Tromsø and Oslo, fellow colleagues, and not the least designer Helge Hjorth Bentsen at NODE Oslo.

Editors: Peter Hemmersam, Janike Kampevold Larsen, Andre Morrison.
KOLA: 100 pages
VARDØ: 132 pages
SVALBARD: 116 pages
Each pamphlet is in full color with several pictures and illustrations.