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Welcome to the exhibition In Norwegian Landscapes. The Oslo School asBUILT

Welcome to the exhibition In Norwegian Landscapes. The Oslo School asBUILT

Welcome to the exhibition In Norwegian Landscapes. The Oslo School asBUILT. This exhibition marks the launch of AHO Open, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design 75th anniversary.

The exhibition opens on the 24th of September at 17.00 in the AHO gallery. Followed by the AHO Open lecture series with Beate Hølmebakk in auditorium A2 Sverre Fehn at 18.00.
Following the AHO Corona guidelines, all visitors are required to register with name and number upon arrival.

Opening hours: 
From September 25th to Oktober 9th, the exhibition is open on weekdays from 08.00 - 15.45. 
Since 2010, twenty-one asBUILT volumes have appeared, as a collaboration between the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, and the publishing house Pax.
In meticulous detail, the asBUILT series documents the variety of co-existing idioms in contemporary Norwegian architecture. Each book presents one building, complete with working drawings, technical specifications, photographs as well as a discursive essay. The selection of contemporary buildings is complemented by works by Norwegian modernists. Together, contemporary works and modern classics span from singular houses in natural and cultural landscapes across Norway, to public projects in urban settings. The book series is rooted in the fields of architecture, theory and history at AHO, encircling what has been termed as the Oslo School in Norwegian Architecture.
Six buildings were in 2019 especially filmed for this exhibition. Whilst the idea of the asBUILT book series is to exchange built experience by sharing the architects´ working drawings, and by documenting the methods of the architects, the aim of the films is to convey spatial experience, and to reveal the relationship between building, landscape and urban contexts, as well as light, materials and textures. In addition, the exhibition displays the full set of asBUILT volumes, some of the architects´ original models, three existing films, as well as poster announcing forthcoming volumes.
The exhibition was first shown in Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM) as “In Norwegian Landscapes. Hunting high and low”, on assignment from Norla (Norwegian Literature Abroad), and as part of the cultural program for the Frankfurter Book Fair in 2019, in a collaborationship between Norla, DAM, AHO and Pax.
asBUILT editors: Karl Otto Ellefsen, Jan Olav Jensen, Mari Lending, Dagfinn Sagen, Børre Skodvin.
asBUILT Classic editors: Nina Berre, Mari Lending
Advisory board for the exhibition: Erik Langdalen, Mari Lending and Bjørn Smith-Simonsen.
Filming: Lightsource Productions: Arne Dahr, Finn McAlinden, Sebastian Andersen.
Installation: Sindre Moen, Maximillian Svendsen
Curator: Nina Berre, Professor and head of Institute of Form, Theory and History, AHO.  B+E Curating Architecture & Urbanism AS.