Beyond Sharing

Seyed Amir Arsalan Shamsabadi


Høst 2019
Institutt for design

Steinar Killi
Edward David Matthews
Magne Ekerum
Beyond Sharing is an interdisciplinary design pro­ject that explores the possibilities and opportunities of shared mobility as a potential contribution to chal­lenges relating to the development of a sustainable urban transportation system in Oslo area.

Shared mobility is growing and being integrating more into cities as well as transport systems, and part of a shifting consumer preference from car ownership toward newer forms of transportation. There are vari­ous challenges and issues relating to shared mobility in Oslo on many levels, from infrastructure and ser­vice delivery, to the actual products themselves.

My initial goal in this project was to explore shared mobility using Oslo as the context of study, in order to see how shared mobility services could be improved by considering all the aspects involved in its delivery using a holistic design approach.

The result of this project consist of a documented pol­icy design in terms of regulating shared mobility in Oslo city together with a design proposal that illus­trates a possible and more sustainable shared mobili­ty service that integrates the designs of service ,inter­action , and the actually products as a whole picture using four possible scenarios.
Seyed Amir Arsalan ShamsabadiAmirarsalan.shamsabadi@gmail.com