FIXING SNEAKERS - Encouraging sustainable sneaker consumption

Jacob Bråthen Pettersen


Høst 2019
Institutt for design

Ted Matthews
Steinar Killi
This diploma looks to encourage people in Oslo to consume sneakers in a more environmentally sustainable way. Through my research, I’ve learned that reducing the consumption of new shoes is the most sustainable strategy to implement in Oslo.
Therefore, I designed three different service prototypes that will attempt to motivate the people of Oslo to buy less new shoes. The first prototype is a local sneaker workshop, allowing people to repair their shoes at no cost. The second concept is a sneaker fixing advertisement to make people aware that sneakers can repaired by cobblers. The third concept looks at collaborating with Fretex to sell more used sneakers to people in Oslo, so that more people buy used sneakers instead of new.
I tested my first concept in a reuse space at Lindeberg where I got several participants to join the sneaker fixing workshop. They wanted me to come back and host another workshop like this.
For concept two, I created a flyer and a poster that advertised the cobbler’s sneaker-fixing skills. The cobbler I collaborated with liked these touchpoints and are currently using them today.
In the final and third concept, I designed a shoe collecting box for Fretex so that they could sort out more good-to-sell sneakers than before. I also designed the instructions on the box, showing how to donate shoes to Fretex (this same message was later adjusted for Instagram). Finally, we chose particular sneakers from the sorting facility based on mood boards I had created, and then hosted a Sneaker pop up shop at one of the Fretex locations in Oslo. At the pop up shop, I sold sneakers and tested how cleaning used sneakers in the store could increase the sale. This concept was a success and showed a great potential that may get Fretex to one day create their own shoe store and sell more used sneakers than they do today.
Jacob Bråthen PettersenJacob.braathen@gmail.com