Living Fibers - a natural fiber museum and creativity center

Ragnhild Marie C Østern


Høst 2018
Institutt for form, teori og historie

Beate Marie Manthey Hølmebakk
Using natural fibers from plants and animals has always been an essential part of human life. The Living Fibers museum aims to educate on the origin and potential of familiar materials. The museum lets the visitors encounter natural fibers in two very different forms of existence; one as living plants and animals, conceived by nature. The other as products of the creative human mind. 

The museum is set in a forest on Bygdøy,  between famous sights and farmland. It is lika a hybrid of open air museum, botanical garden and gallery. The construction is a display of the strenght of the wood fiber. The bundles of slim columns in a repetitive pattern gives associations to both living plants and the structure of textiles. The construction is a play with lines, inspired by the warp of a loom.
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