Job in Nepal for architect students

Job in Nepal for architect students

We are looking for engineer and architect studentes who can assist on the model settlement development project for the earthquake victims in Laprak village of Gorkha District in Nepal. The current project site in Laprak, Ghorka district is about 10hours drive from capital Kathmandu which was the epicenter for the earthquake in Nepal in April 2015.

For young volunteers, this is a valuable opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in the area of developing leadership skills, problem-solving, adaptability skills, time management skills, negotiation skills and communication skills, whilst working as part of a team. The job requires that you are physically fit and motivated.

The employer NRNA, will not be able to pay the attractive allowance in cash, but it will be responsible for the local transportation, lodging, fooding and insurance for the intern. 

Application deadline is 10-February

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