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Student invitation to participate in Zlin Design Week 2023 with DOGA

Student invitation to participate in Zlin Design Week 2023 with DOGA

Are you interested in the principles of universal and inclusive design? Are you a student of design or architecture, looking for opport­unities to travel abroad, inspiration for your work or to share some of your experience with others? Then you shouldn’t miss this call! 

Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA) together with the Zlin Design Week festival are looking for 1 more student who’ll be invited to visit the festival between the 3rd and 10th of May 2023 in the Czech Republic. 
The goal of the festival is to present and support­ young design, the one that is still forming, but in a few years will set trends in the entire industry. The upcoming year and the previous year of the festival have been dedicated to the principles of universal design to point out the possibilities that it offers, projects that can inspire others and show the potential of design to affect our lives. Keep on reading to experience it on your own! 

Who are we looking for? One more student of design or architecture with interest in universal and inclusive design. 
What are you going to experience? One week at the Zlin Design Week festival including exhibitions, conference, workshops, discussions, exploring the city (and a little bit of pa­rties). 
You will be travelling / meeting up with two other students from Norway and also representatives from DOGA and other Norwegian speakers and participants.  In addition, you will of course meet and get to know many new people. 
The main part of the programme is the Conference on the 9th of May, but we would like you to be part of the festival from the start to the end. 

How much is it going to cost you? Nothing, the costs for traveling, accommodation and food are covered for you. 
Should you part­icipate in the festival somehow? It’s up to you but we’ll be more than happy to give you space in our discussions to share your experience with other young designers and architects. 

Find out more about the festival @zlindesignweek and www.zlindesignweek.com.

The open call is part­ of the project Universal design – exploring the potential and engagement of the new generation in the creative industries support­ed by the EEA and Norway Grants. 

Deadline: Prepare short cover letter where you introduce yourself, your work and your motivation for visiting Zlin Design Week and send to us by 4th april to DOGA attn. Jannicke Hølen jh@doga.no and Knut Bang kb@doga.no
Please remember to include your contact information. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Best regards, 
Jannicke Hølen
Senior Advisor Design
Program Leader Design for All
+47 90562909

Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA)
Hausmanns street 16
NO-0182 Oslo, Norway