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Klasson hentet ledetråder fra Gerrit Rietvelds stol 'Red and Blue' for å utvikle ‘Red and White Sunbed’, som kombinerer en ikonisk form og folkelig appell.

Edvin Klasson one of the world's hottest new design talents

Wallpaper has hand-picked 20 young, graduated designers for the Graduate Directory for 2016. Former AHO-student Edvin Klasson is one of them. 


AHO students win European architecture contest

Enya Aamo Aspen and Rikke Christine Nyruds has won one of the top prizes in the international student competition European Architectural Medals for the Best Diploma Projects, for their project 'Lost & Found - Housing at Veterinærhøgskolen'.

Creative 3D prints at AHO

AHO students recently presented their prototypes as part of the exhibition 3DX14 – 14 Approaches to materialising form through 3D printing.

Call for applications, Research Fellowship Programme 2016

The Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme calls for applications for fellowships in 2016.