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Research at AHO

Research at AHO

AHO carries out research in architecture, design landscape architecture and urbanism. Our four Research Centres define focused projects across this wide area. We focus on excellence within and across our disciplinary boundaries and on maximizing our potential as a collaborative partner with other academic institutions, with the design professions and with industry.

As a school of architecture and design we aim to infuse higher research projects with the skill sets inherent to our disciplines. We have a high awareness of the potential for research to impact on society via its mediation in various forms. We have an equal commitment to the development of professional culture in architecture and design in Norway and Internationally. Thus research at AHO is very often integrated into pedagogic strategies that inform Masters level education and continuing practice development.

AHO offers a PhD Programme  in architecture, design, landscape and urbanism which benefits from the schools success in attracting visiting researchers and from the research skills of its committed faculty. At PhD level also our emphasis is on combining focused disciplinary research with an outward looking and collaborative culture.

AHO’s excellent research facilities, and the school’s links to industry and practice make it a centre for higher research discourse relating to both architecture and design. The School’s quality as a venue and its position within Oslo make it a natural forum where such discourse can be made to impact on society.  AHO was ranked fifth among all Norwegian Universities in terms of excellence in research production in 2014. The School is vibrant as a research institution and successful in attracting external funding.