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Atelier Le Balto: The inventors of gardens

In the Frame of the Spring Lecture series: UL invites the Berlin Landscape Architect and Art activists: Atelier Le Balto, to present their last projects done with local communuties - we expect to enable students to learn to know other mode of being a designer- Landscape Architect. The lecture is addressed to all AHO students.


Atelier Le Balto – Véronique Faucheur and Marc Pouzol Interview with Atelier Le Balto: The garden is a mode of expression in the same way as writing, painting, or dance could be… it is often a staging or partial presentation of a drawing or a sketch whose main actors are both a new plant palette and the visitors themselves. New gardens are places of communication and exchange that invite the communities, visitors and stakeholders to cultivate their views and perceptions as much as grow their plants – Through the search for new modes of proposing urban garden arts, we hopefully enrich the city´s spaces by transforming abandoned or forgotten places into living gardens Visit Atelier Le Balto´s Blog here

Date: 11. April, 2024
Time: 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm

Venue: A2
Address: Maridalsveien 29