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Doctoral Defence: Synne Frydenberg

Synne Frydenberg will defend the PhD thesis: Cultivating Serendipity in Design Complexity. Exploring Designs of Augmented Reality Technologies for Ship Bridges.

The defence will be held in English.

Attend the lecture and dissertation online.


Trial lecture: 10:00 am
Trial lecture:
Explain the importance and challenges of inter-disciplinary research, providing examples from your research of
(a) how to 'build bridges' between disciplines
(b) how to overcome key challenges of interdisciplinary research in practice
(c) whether and how serendipity can play a role.

Disputas: 12:00 pm

Thesis abstract

Designing augmented reality (AR) systems for ship bridges poses intricate challenges for interaction designers due to the unique complexities involved in working with this novel interaction material in a dynamic and unpredictable environment. The absence of established design precedents and guidelines for AR systems exacerbates these challenges, thereby reflecting a broader need for guidance in navigating the rapidly evolving digital landscape of interaction design.

This thesis aims to explore and identify how design complexity can be effectively managed by introducing serendipity into the design process. Employing a research-by-design and research-into-design approach, this study utilises embedded case studies to contextualise design complexity within the specific context of designing AR technology for ship bridges. It develops conceptual frameworks, practical methods, tools, and approaches to illustrate how serendipity mechanisms and qualities can be cultivated and pragmatically integrated into the design process.



Synne Frydenberg is a design researcher, interaction designer, and lecturer. Holding an Industrial Design master’s degree from AHO (2011), her academic journey included foundational studies at The Royal Danish Academy and an exchange at the Berlin University of the Arts. With over 13 years of experience as an interaction designer, she has spent the last six years specialising in complex design for safety-critical workplaces. Currently, she serves as a design researcher in the Ocean Industries Concept Lab at AHO. Her research contributions have been integral to the EU-project 'Safe Maritime Operations under Extreme Conditions: The Arctic Case (SEDNA)', as well as the research projects OpenBridge and OpenAR.


Professor Kjetil Nordby


PhD, Sigrun Lurås

Adjudication committee

Professor Mikael Wiberg
Senior lecturer, PhD, Stephani Makri
Associate Professor Lisbet Harboe


Date: 08. April, 2024
Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Venue: A2
Address: Maridalsveien 29