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60 302 Themes and Concepts in Landscape Architecture

Full course name in Norwegian Bokmål: 
Themes and Concepts in Landscape Architecture
Course code: 
60 302
Level of study: 
Teaching semester: 
2023 Autumn
Assessment semester: 
2023 Autumn
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Person in charge
Miguel Hernandez Quintanilla
Required prerequisite knowledge

The course is mandatory for master students in Landscape Architecture, and open for students in Architecture.

Course content

The course will study a selection of landscape architecture projects from the late 19th century and onwards.

We will discuss the spatial qualities of these projects and the link between spatial qualities and the intellectual context in which projects are developed. By redrawing, 3D-modelling, reading, and writing, we will investigate them in order to understand how they have been created through design choices and the evolution of design techniques. This explorative work will allow us to also determine how they relate to and learn from past work and contribute to renew traditions, as well as how projects in themselves are a form of knowledge and derive into principles.

The projects will be placed in a historical and theoretical context, but we will also explore the role they play in the dynamic interplay between design and theoretical and historical interpretation.


Learning outcome


Knowledge of the spatial qualities of a representative selection of landscape architecture projects designed since the late 19th century until today.

Knowledge on the design techniques that were employed at the time the selection of projects were designed and built.

Knowledge of the dominant design history and theory that influenced and frames the development of a selection of projects from the 19th century until today.

Knowledge about the cases in which certain projects derive into principles and design theories.


Capacity to read and synthesize texts related to the landscape and architecture disciplines and use it as part of the precedent study research.

Ability to conduct historical research through designers’ methods.

Capacity to reconstruct and model the main spatial qualities of a landscape architecture precedent.

 Capacity to translate a concept from design to text.

General competence:

The history of landscape architecture through the study of precedents.



Working and learning activities

The course will alternate between sessions where the projects are discussed and sessions where the projects are re-drawn and re-modeled.

The discussions will be accompanied of lectures and reading workshops.

Re-drawing and re- modeling will be partially done during the elective time and independent work.


Written assignment, oral presentation of the assignment, and participation in discussions throughout the semester.


Course literature will be available in Leganto.

Mandatory courseworkCourseworks requiredPresence requiredComment
Presence required Required
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Mandatory coursework:Presence required
Courseworks required:
Presence required:Required
Form of assessmentGroupingGrading scaleComment
Project assignmentIndividualPass / fail
Form of assessment:Project assignment
Grading scale:Pass / fail
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Workload activity:Lectures