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60 401 Landscape and Urbanism

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Landscape and Urbanism
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60 401
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Teaching semester: 
2020 Spring
Assessment semester: 
2020 Spring
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Person in charge
Zaccariotto Giambattista
Course content

The project, of  a small or large space, is the main device architects, urbanists, landscape architects share. Designing is a process of learning by doing,  a mode of thinking and advancing knowledge (Schon 1980). It is about the kind of processes, the form limit or make possible (i.e. social, environmental, economic).  

Three cognitive strategies are constitutive of the designer/planner way of thinking trough designing: conceptualizing (i.e. utilizing or generating concepts), describing (i.e. reveling hidden orders) and projecting (i.e. testing hypothesis of transformation) (Vigano´ 2016). This is a useful frame to order groups of relevant techniques of design/planning the contemporary city.

The term technique refers to both the instruments and the procedures used to achieve a result (i.e. ideas, tools, chain of operations, rules) (Gabellini 2010). Techniques are `invented´ or adopted from other disciplines, modified along time, to form the toolkit of the `reflective practitioner´, that remain open to innovation.

Learning outcome

The students will learn selected techniques of urban design/planning through lectures and critical readings of projects in collaboration.

Form of assessmentGroupingGrading scaleComment
ReportIndividualPass / fail
Form of assessment:Report
Grading scale:Pass / fail
Workload activityComment
Attendance Attendance in the studio and at fieldwork is expected
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Workload activity:Attendance
Comment: Attendance in the studio and at fieldwork is expected