Information about the opening of educational institutions

Information about the opening of educational institutions

The Government’s press release Friday, June 12 states that the educational institutions can open again.
We look forward to welcoming all of you at semester start. But, the spring semester at AHO is over. Thus, there will be no change of access rules this summer.

The management is working to find solutions for as normal a study and workday as possible in autumn. There will be more information on this, but here is a brief summary of planned measures for the autumn semester.

The rules on infection control still apply. Among other things, AHO must make sure that everyone follows the same infection prevention rules as in other places of work. This requires everyone to keep at least one-meter distance to others. If staff and students rely on public transport, home office and digital meetings will continue to be facilitated. AHO must also create our own infection control measures adapted to our study programs and research activities, and they must be updated as needed.

Opening hours, canteen and adaptation to infection control rules

  • AHO will be open between 8 am – 8 pm throughout autumn 2020
  • Access to the third floor, where the administration and teachers have offices, will be closed to students
  • Canteen offers packaged food and will have reduced opening hours
  • Kitchen solutions in the studios might be closed due to contagion protection. All refrigerators, microwave ovens, coffee makers etc can be removed.  There will be water in the taps to ensure hand hygiene, drinking and water for your plants J

  • Semester start will proceed as usual. Up-to-date information on your class will be published in the calendar on the student site On Moodle you will find information about the course start date
  • The seating plan will be distributed before semester start
  • The studios will be open as usual. All students will have their own workspace.
  • All teaching will take place in the studios.
  • Digital teaching: All theory courses and most specialization courses will be taught digitally this fall.
  • The workshops will be open in close collaboration with each course. Outside of class hours’ students can book time in a workshop calendar.
  • Infection protection rules for autumn:  Students and staff will receive information on AHO’s infection control rules before the start of the semester. The information will also be published on
  • Administration and teachers
  • Home office / school office for teachers and administration will be sent out during the summer



The rest of the spring semester 2020
AHO has decided that all teaching, assessments, exams, reviews and disputes should be digital during this semester. This decision stands by, but there may be some relief for specially prioritized groups that need access to the premises to keep progressing and completing this spring. The management and the administration are working to clarify how this should be resolved and to identify measures that require special needs.
The decision about digital teaching throughout the semester is still valid.
The same rules as in working life in general applies to our employees. This also includes Phd-fellows. Home office is still the main rule. Individual adjustment must be arrange with your nearest manager.
Semester start and autumn 2020:
Minister of Research and Higher Education, Henrik Asheim, stated in yesterday’s press conference that we aim at a semester start with open doors. Students must also follow the anti-contamination regulations that apply in working life. It is important to continue to follow infection prevention advice and be patient. If all goes well we can look forward to a more normal study and research environment this autumn. AHO is planning semester to arrange for the best possible way working conditions for everyone.

Everybody should follow the advice and informations given by FHI - see also useful links in the grey box to the right/below.
AHO contact:

Delivery to AHO
Delivery only during this period: 09:00 – 15:00 (Monday - Friday)
Call: 97 14 71 17


The emergency response group (ERG) urges all students a to check your school e-mail for information from the address. ERG encourages everyone to follow the updates closely. All information will also be published on this page - but due to personnel/home office situations there might be a short delay. 

If you have questions that are not answered on these pages you can contact
Please do not use the info e-mail address unnecessarily. There is a lot of pressure and most questions are answered on the National Institute of Public health’s web site.

For general information:
Health Care Information 815 55 015
If you think you are infected with corona:
Call your GP or emergency room at 116 117
Important: Do not show up at the doctor or the emergency room, but stay home and make contact by phone.
In case of acute injury or illness:
If you or someone close to you is seriously ill or injured, call 113.

Contact AHO (Covid-19):

Int. Office at AHO:
+ 47 22 99 70 46

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