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Information to new students

Information to new students


Welcome to The Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Here you'll find the information you need to begin your first semester with us. You'll find information about what you need to do before you arrive, about the school, housing and so on. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We can't wait to have you here!

Residence permit and registrations

Nordic citizens:  
Students from the Nordic countries must report a move to the National Registry. If you plan to live in Norway for more than six months, you must go to a tax office for an ID control and to submit a notification of change of address no later than eight days after your arrival in Norway. You have to book an appointment at the tax office. For information about social benefits, health insurance, etc. for Nordic citizens, visit Foreningen Norden

EU/EEA citizens:  
Students from EU/EEA do not need to apply for a residence permit, but must make a preliminary registration at UDI and register, at The Service Centre for Foreign Workers (SUA) (Schweigaards gate 17), if staying for longer than three months. Please note that this service requires personal attendance, and that the waiting list is long. Register for an appointment as soon as possible. For more information, please see here.

Non EU/EEA citizens:  
Students from outside the EU/EEA must apply for a residence permit and, if applicable, a visa, before entering Norway. Apply as soon as possible, and before 1 July to obtain your residence permit before semester start in August. 

For information on how to apply, visit The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration's website (UDI),To fill out the online application, you need AHO’s organization number. This is 971 526 378.

As part of the application, you must document funds corresponding to the amount of full support from The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund.

For those who do not have a personal account in a Norwegian bank, the amount may be transferred to a deposit account held by SiO – (Student Union in Oslo). 

AHO recommends that you transfer the required amount to the SiO deposit account to get a confirmation of sufficient funds. The required amount varies depending on how long and when you are staying:

  • Two semesters or more: NOK 126 357
  • Autumn 2021: NOK 57 435 
  • Spring 2021: NOK 68 922

Deadline: 15 June for the autumn semester 

It is possible to make a transfer of funds to the deposit account after the deadline, but please note that UDI requires all documents to be handed in by 1 July in order for the application of residence permit to be processed in time for the semester start.

How to deposit money to the SiO deposit account
(Follow the instructions applicable for your situation) 

If you are applying for housing through SiO
If you intend to apply for SiO Housing, you MUST register an application for housing before you apply for a deposit account. 

  • When your application has been approved from SiO housing (approx. 1-2 days), you register a new user at SiO, and apply for a residence permit deposit account.
  • Guide on how to apply for housing and a residence permit deposit account on MyPage.
  • When the application has been approved, an invoice will be generated.
  • Transfer the money as soon as possible. Make sure to include your full name, date of birth and customer number (as written in the invoice) in the message/comments field.

If you will not have accommodation through SiO

  • Register a new user at SiO, and apply for a residence permit deposit account via MyPage.
  • Guide on how to apply for a residence permit deposit account on MyPage.
  • When the application has been approved, an invoice will be generated.
  • Transfer the money as soon as possible. Make sure to include your full name, date of birth and customer number (as written in the invoice) in the message/comments field.

Please note

  • We recommend that you make the transfer in Norwegian kroner (NOK), if possible.
  • You can make the transfer in any currency, but please be aware of the exchange rates.
  • Due to the banking fees, we advise you to transfer the money in as few transactions as possible.
  • You must also pay the recipient banking fees in addition to banking fees charged by your own bank.

Confirmation Letter
Once your payment has been received and registered by SiO, a confirmation letter will be generated. It may take 5-8 days from you made your payment until you receive the confirmation letter. You will find your confirmation letter in your application on MyPage. Use the confirmation letter and your own receipt from the transfer when applying for a residence permit at the Norwegian embassy/consulate.

How to access your money:

  • You can use your money to pay the housing deposit and rent if you are living in SiO Housing. Send an e-mail to ustdep@sio.no and they can make the transfer between the accounts for you.
  • Students staying for two semesters or more can open a bank account in Norway and get the money transferred to their Norwegian bank account.
  • When you have a Norwegian bank account, you can fill out this form to get the money transferred.
  • When leaving Norway you can get remaining funds transferred back to the bank account it was originally transferred from.

Collection of Cash cards
You can access your money through "cash cards" issued by the SiO Accounting Office. Each card can be loaded with up to NOK 5500,- You must send an e-mail to ustdep@sio.no, at 15.00 at the latest one day in advance to make an appointment for collecting cash cards.

Please remember to bring your passport.
You need to have a valid ID to be able to collect your cash cards.

Police Registration and Residence Card
Upon arrival in Norway, students from outside the EU/EEA  must meet at the local police (Oslo Police District, Department of Immigration: Schweigaards gate 15B (Oslo politidistrikt, Utlendingsavsnittet) to get the residence card. You must pre-book an appointment to be issued a residence card. You must normally do this through the UDI Application Portal. You can make the booking before you travel to Norway. The appointment has to be either during the first seven days you are in Norway, or the first available appointment you can find.

ID number

Nordic citizens:  
Students from the Nordic countries can follow the same procedure as the students from EU/EEA to obtain a permanent ID number/National Identity Number.
For more information please visit: www.skatteetaten.no/en/person/national-registry/moving/to-Norway/

EU/EEA citizens:  
Students from EU/EEA, staying for more than six months, must register in the National Registry. If you are living in Oslo, you must register and book an appointment at The Service Center for Foreign Workers (Skatt Øst/sua.no). Skatt Øst is located in Schweigaardsgate 17.
You must bring:

  • Police registration certificate
  • Passport
  • Tenancy contract
  • Admission letter 
  • At the Service Center you must fill in the form Notfication of move to Norway from abroad.

Non EU/EEA citizens:  
Students from outside the EU/EEA , will register for the National Registry at the same time as they meet with the police to get the residence permit card.  
The police will notify the Tax Administration (Skatt Øst) on your behalf. 
The Tax Administration will send you a letter with a D-number (temporary ID number).  
Students from outside the EU/EEA staying for 2 semesters or more (more than 6 months)
After receiving the D-number from the Tax Administration, you must follow the instructions in the letter and request a National ID number.
For further information, please contact the National Registry.  

Students from outside the EU/EEA staying for 1 semester (less than 6 months)
Students staying only 1 semester are not entitled to a National ID number, and do not have to contact the National Registry. 
Important: You must notify the police if you have changed your address, so that the correct residence address is registered in the National Registry. The letter with your D-number will be sent to the address you gave to the police.


Accommodation in Oslo

All students admitted to AHO are eligible for accommodation through the Student Union in Oslo (SiO). International students under the age of 35, including exchange students, have previously been guaranteed housing if they apply by the deadline 1. June. However, due to the COVID-19 situation, housing through SiO can no longer be guaranteed for incoming exchange students, but incoming exchange students will be prioritized. We kindly suggest that you start looking for other housing alternatives at the same time as you apply for housing through SiO. International students under the age of 35 who need a residence permit are guaranteed accomodation through SiO as long as they apply within the given deadline. 

You can apply for student housing through SiO here. When asked to fill in your Norwegian ID-number, you may enter your date of birth. 

Student villages close to AHO Campus include Grünerløkka Student House, St. Hanshaugen Student Village, Pilestredet Student House, Pilestredet Park Student House, Sofienberg Student House, Rodeløkka Student House, Iladalen Student House, Kansleren Student House, Carl Berner Student House and Bjølsen Student Village. The public transport offer in Oslo is great, and most parts of the city is accessible with bike. 

It is possible to apply for private housing in Oslo if desirable, but please note that private housing in Oslo is often more expensive and requires more of you. AHO recommends all international students to apply for student housing through SiO. 
(www.finn.no) (www.hybel.no

Course registration

Courses, semester registration, semester fee
The courses for autumn 2021 are open to registration. The master´s students at AHO can choose between a number of courses. Some are open to all students in our master programs, other courses are for a spesific program. Read more here, and watch the autumn 2021 course presentation here

In addition to selecting and prioritizing courses, you need to register for the semester and pay the semester fee. You register and pay in Studentweb. Please do so as soon as possible, and not later than September 1st.

Norwegian bank account

In order to open a bank account in a Norwegian bank you will need a Norwegian ID-number. Please note that the application process for this is usually around 6-8 weeks, so depending on the status of your Norwegian ID-number this might be further down the road.

You can choose between local or regional banks, or banks with branches all over Norway. Some banks are also pure online banks, with no physical branches. Norwegian banks have advanced solutions for online banking so you can administrate your accounts, pay bills and transfer money online.

Foreign credit cards are widely accepted in Norway and cash machines are easily available, so you don’t have to worry about having cash.

Health services and insurance

Health services in Norway are of high standards. All students who have paid the semester fee to SiO can have their regular General Practitioner (GP) through SiO. SiO has three health centers located in central areas of Oslo, and their GPs have many years of experience of working with students. 

The cost of medicines is only covered if you are hospitalized, or suffer from a serious disease and are member of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme, or have a European Health Insurance Card or another form of social security, which covers these costs. Medicines can be purchased in local pharmacies. 

NB! Most studios at AHO have a study trip each semester. Depending on the course, you might travel locally in Norway or internationally abroad. In this case, it’s important that you have a valid travel insurance that also covers health in case of falling ill while travelling. 
Health insurance for students from EU/EEA 
Students from EU/EEA must bring either the European Health Insurance Card (ec.europa.eu) or documentation of private health insurance when you enter Norway.
If you have private health insurance, please clarify with your insurance office whether your coverage applies to Norway. We strongly recommend a travel insurance in addition.
Health insurance for students from outside the EU/EEA
Students staying in Norway for more than 3 months can become members of the National Insurance Scheme.

All students from countries outside the EU/EEA should have private or public health insurance to cover their stay in Norway or until they have become a member of the National insurance Scheme. 

Please note that this membership means "coverage under the health section". If you should get ill and need medical treatment, the insurance will cover this within Norway, but not in another European country. 

We strongly recommend a travel insurance in addition.

Students from outside the EU/EEA staying in Norway for more than 1 year
If the duration of your stay in Norway is more than one year, you will automatically become a member of the National Insurance Scheme when you register as a resident in Norway with the National Registry (Skatt Øst).

Students from outside the EU/EEA staying in Norway between 3-12 months
If you are staying in Norway between 3 and 12 months, you can apply for voluntary membership in the National Insurance Scheme. This will entitle you to social security coverage with regard to health services in accordance with the National Insurance Scheme.

Please note that students who do not apply for voluntary membership should have a social security coverage from their home country.
Local emergency numbers:
110 – Fire department
112 – Police 
113 – Ambulance Medical Emergencies
The Emergency Room in Oslo is located in Storgata 40. Contact: 23487200


Undergraduate diploma inspection

All applicants admitted to AHO must present their original diploma with transcript of records from undergraduate studies for inspection upon arrival at AHO.

Getting ready for departure

To help you prepare for your stay in Norway and the Norwegian climate, we provide you some important information you should read before arrival. Many of the things we recommend you to bring might be cheaper in your home country, therefore it could be smart to purchase it before you leave.

Prepare for the Norwegian Climate. The winter season in Oslo can last from late October until late March with temperatures ranging from -15C to 5C. (5F to 41F). The winter climate in Oslo is generally milder than other parts of the country. Norway has a mild summer climate. In Oslo, the average temperatures range from 11C to 25C (50F to 77F) during the summer (June-August). You can expect some rainy days, cool nights, warm afternoons and bright evenings!

In order to dress for the different climate you may experience during your time in Norway we recommend that you bring the following:

  • Rain coat/Wind resisting jacket
  • Winter boots (water resistance)
  • Winter jacket/coat
  • Clothes containing wool
  • Long underwear
  • Sweaters
  • Scarf, hat, mittens, warm socks etc. 

The first couple of days might be in a different location than your permanent new student housing. During these days, we recommend bringing the essentials for your accommodation in Oslo:

  • Router (if necessary)
  • Ethernet-cable (if necessary)
  • Chargers and adapter
  • Bedding (duvet, pillow, sheets) for the first nights
On arrival 

Getting to Oslo
Oslo Airport Gardermoen is located approx. 50 km from the city centre. There are several ways to get to and from the airport. Airport Express Trains takes 20 minutes between Oslo Airport and Oslo Central Station. The train runs between Oslo Airport Gardermoen and Lillestrøm, Oslo Central Station, Nationaltheatret, Skøyen, Lysaker, Sandvika, Asker and Drammen. 

Local and regional trains are run by Vy and are often cheaper than the Aiport Express Train. All Vy Regional trains that run between Skien, Oslo, Lillehammer and Trondheim stop at Oslo Airport. These can take you Oslo Central Station (Oslo S).

You can also reach the city center by bus if you’re arriving at an inconvenient time. The bus is normally operated throughout the night and even though it takes a little longer than the train, fares are usually cheaper and you can get student discounts.
Once you have reached Oslo you will notice that all the public transport is part of the same ticket system operated by Ruter. Ruter’s tickets are valid for buses, trams, subways, ferries and local trains. Tickets can be purchased from any of Ruter’s sales points (7-eleven, Deli de Luca, Narvesen). You can also buy tickets with Ruter Billett App.
If you are travelling to a destination outside of Oslo you can use local trains and buses to get around. 
A lot of people use the City Bikes / Oslo Bysykkel to explore the city. The bikes can be found at 244 stations in and around the city center, and require a membership. Check out www.oslobysykkel.no for prices and download the Bysykkel App. 
First days in Oslo
If you arrive in Oslo a couple of days in advance of the semester officially starts, there are lots of places to see. In our experience students enjoy exploring the city themselves, and you can find something of interest. Check out www.visitoslo.com

AHO has a buddy system where you can meet up with other international students and get to know each other. A local student from AHO will be your buddy and show you around, and answer questions you might have. The Student Council at AHO (SAHO) in collaboration with the buddies set up a social program with some daily activities and gatherings to help you ease into your new daily life. 

Many international students prefer to get things done before school starts, such as making an appointment with UDI or Oslo Police, get in touch with SiO and get a Norwegian simcard. Once school starts it can be hard to get time during the day for these services, we encourage you to make the most of it. Don’t hesitate to ask your buddy if you have questions, and you can always contact us on international-office@aho.no

Sim-card and phone number
There are two kinds of sim-cards. Prepaid and Monthly subscription
Prepaid is when you have to put money in your mobile account first and then you can use those money to call, send SMS and for the internet. The second type is monthly payment, it’s when you pay fixed amount (depends on your subscription) at the end of the month. This one isn’t that easy to get if you don’t have any tax or credit history in Norway. MyCall offers free prepaid Sim-cards that you can top up online or at their office. 

Once you have a Norwegian ID-number you can get a Norwegian bank account which leads to Bank-ID on your phone. This way you are free to change the phone operator should you wish to. 

We suggest to get a free prepaid Sim-card from MyCall. You can top it up at their office or online. So that’s how you will get your Norwegian phone number. Then, after you get your Norwegian bank account and fix your Bank ID on mobile you can change the mobile phone operator or the type of your sim-card and still keep your phone number.

Welcome Week

Welcome Week: New Master's Students (international and Norwegian)

See the programme here


Student Welfare Organisation (SiO)

AHO is part of the organisation SiO, which aims to enhance the learning environment by improving the social, cultural and material conditions of the student community. Students pay a small fee each semester for which a range of services is provided.

Student housing
SiO has thousans of student housing units around Oslo, for singles, couples or families. Visit SiO’s online housing catalogue and choose the right profile to see your options. You will find information about our housing units, location and what is included in the rent, as well as possibility to compare housing units.

SiO Athletica
SiO offers gym memberships for a reasonable price. We have several fitness centres around Oslo with the nearest one at Vulkan, next door to AHO. Our gyms offer services like swimming pool, group sessions and personal training.

Many students have challenges that grow to dominate their mind in a way that makes it difficult to study. Having someone to talk to can be helpful and relieving. At SiO Counselling we provide professional counsellors that respect confidentiality and have extensive experience in helping students. Free of charge.

Health care
SiO Health provides the students with a wide and versatile health service. Through our services the students can access doctors (GPs), dentists, psychologists, psychiatrists, a public health nurse, vaccination service, physical therapists and social workers.

Tlf: +47 22 59 68 00 // www.sio.no


Student ID

All students receive a personal student card that serves as an access card and for photo copying, as well as for purchasing materials in the workshops. For printing and photo copying new cards must be activated using your AHO username and password. Questions about printing/copy/plotter services? Look here.

The student card is also an ID card, and must be displayed with the digital semester card (via the app Studenbevis) in order to get student discounts on public transport etc.

The student card is personal and you are responsible for keeping your pin code safe. If you lose your student card, a new card can be purchased in the Information desk. 

Fire safety course
All students at AHO must go through a fire safety course. You will get your student card when you have passed this course. 

Please visit branntest.no and use code Aho17.

The front door is closed after opening hours. Please use the personnel entrance to the left of the front door. Most doors in the school have a reading device and can be opened with your student card. Please do not let strangers without AHO cards into the building.

Digital Student Identification App

You can get your student ID and semester card as an app on your smartphone.

  • The student ID App is accepted by Ruter, NSB and SiO, among others.
  • You can download the app on IOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android.
  • You must have registered and paid the semester fee in order for the student ID to be valid.
  • You can also use your student ID card together with your semester card. If you would like to receive a semester card in paper format, you order this in the reception at academic services. 

Download the app!

Frequently Asked Questions
Check the frequently asked questions about digital student ID.


Fire Safety Course 

Fire safety course
All students at AHO must go through a fire safety course. You will get your student card when you have passed this course. 

Please visit branntest.no and use code Aho17.

Student website

On the For AHO Students pages, you will see information about student competitions, jobs, interships, messages from the administration that involves your studies and more. Click on the top right main menu to find the page.

Here you will also find information about your courses lists, links to Moodle, email, room booking etc.
The calendar on this page is for students only and shows key dates during your semester. See the main page for the public calendar showing events.

The English For students page is not as extensive as the Norwegian version unfortunately. If you need information about your studies that is not listed on this page, please do not hesistate to contact your international coordinator.

Norwegian version
English version


Username and password
Username: S + your student number. Passord: Stud.aho NB! Change the password before you start using the services

How do I reset or change my password?

  • You change your password here
  • If you remember your old password, you can change it after it has expired. 
  • Passwords are valid for 4 months 
  • NB! The format in in usernamefield is AHOLOCAL\Username 

Wireless network
The wireless network at AHO is called EDUROAM. Eduroam is a standard in most Universities and colleges in Norway and abroad. In addition, it is available at all airports in Norway and Sweden.

Log on using your AHO user name and password. To get access outside AHO, enter your username + @stud.aho.no

If you have set up EDUROAM already with your own university, we recommend that you delete the profile and set up the AHO EDUROAM Access instead  

Teaching platform 
All courses at AHO uses a digital learning platform called MOODLE. Here you will find a course-room for all the courses that are constantly being updated with lecture notes, time tables, assignments and dialog with your teacher. You will also use the platform to submit tasks. You receive username and password from AHO at the start of your studies.
Log on to Moodle using AHO username and password
After you have logged in, select the course (courses) to follow.

When prompted for "enrollment key" enter course code found in parentheses after the course.

We also recommend that you download the "MOODLE MOBILE" app for your Android or Apple device.

Login here

Contact the IT-department for innstalling VPN. Use VPN if you want to access the schools resources from home 

  • File directories
  • Licenses
  • Library resources
  • Refill your print and copy account

Monday - Friday  08.00-15.00 
Telephone  22 99 70 77 
E-mail ikt-support@aho.no  
The Student Council - SAHO

SAHO is the student organisation at AHO. We are an organisation of students for students.
Through its representatives SAHO takes part in shaping and improving the everyday life of AHO's students, both professional and social. By joining SAHO you will get the opportunity to improve the educational foundation across the AHO, as well as the physical environment such as canteen, workshops, printing room ect. As a member you will get an improved understanding of how AHO works and how to change things for the better.
SAHO's two goals:

  1. Ensure high quality at all our study programs and to strengthen the students voices in important discussions about all aspects of our education.
  2. Continue improve the social and professional community at AHO

Student board postions for foreign students: 

International representative
(1 assignment) 
As International Student Representative in SAHO you will have the opportunity to work hand in hand with the International Office in order to address questions and issues that affect the international students. International student representative is the connection between SAHO, International students and the International office. It will be of advantage if you are an international student yourself, even though it is not a requirement.

Social committee
(at least 1 international representant)

Access the SAHO main page here
Follow SAHO on Facebook

Opening hours and contact AHO

Contact AHO
Do you have practical questions regarding student housing, residence permit, insurance etc?
AHO International Office is here to accommodate your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us on

If your questions are directly related to your study program, please contact your study advisor.

General questions service desk (Zoom)
Monday - Friday 10-14

The Academic Services
The Academic Services is located on the 2nd floor and assists students with enquires about study programmes, rules and regulations, and other student related matters.

If you have questions related to being an international student, please contact AHO’s International coordinator. For questions about to your study programme, please contact the designated study advisor via the Info desk.

The Info desk in the reception area can assist you with different practical matters.
Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Phone number: +47 22 99 70 00

Opening hours at AHO
Monday - Friday 08.00-15.45 (08.00-15.00 summer opening hours)
22 99 70 00 / studieinfo@aho.no

The cafeteria
Monday - Friday 08.30-15.30
www.oslolunsj.no / www.rockekokker.no

Read more about AHO and our staff here






Documentation from previous education

All new students admitted to our master level programs must bring their original documents from their previous education (Diploma and/or Transcript of records). The Admission office will contact all new students after the welcoming week to verify the documentation.

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