Borrow, renew, and order

Borrow, renew, and order

Our library is open to the public and our collections are open to inter-library loans (with some restrictions).


Visit us at the ground floor. 

  • Books that are on the shelf must be collected by the patron 
  • Books on loan can be reserved - use Oria. 
  • Books not in our collection may be borrowed from libraries in Norway and Europe. 


You can renew regular loans in Oria (28 days) 

Loans you cannot renew yourself: 

  • Coursebooks (7 days) 
  • Books on loan from other libraries  

Unable to renew?  


Books and documents not in our collection can be ordered using 


Loan periods

Regular 28 days
Course literature, DVDs 7 days
Magazines (unbound) 1 day