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AHO Gallery

AHO Gallery

AHO Gallery is a non-commercial showroom for architecture and design.

The gallery is in use all through the school year for exhibitions related to AHO’s education and research alongside external exhibitions and the AHO WORKS STUDIO & DIPLOMA EXHIBIONS that conclude each semester.

External exhibitions are welcome. Applications with a description and budget must be sent to the gallery keeper.

The gallery is located next to AHO’s main entrance with a glass façade along the external pathway. It covers 85 m2 floor-space, with a free with height of approximately 3.3 m. A barred door that stays closed after opening hours secures the galley.

Opening hours
Monday to Friday 9 am – 3 pm (May 15th – Sept 14th) 9 am – 3.45 pm (Sept15th – May 14th).
The gallery is closed on weekends, holidays and vacations.
The opening hours can be extended for selected exhibitions


Jeppe Sophus Lai
E-mail: Jeppe.Sophus.Lai@adm.aho.no
+47 45 83 26 83