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AHO is now OPEN

AHO is now OPEN

In the coming year AHO will celebrate it's 75th anniversary. The exhibition asBUILT markes the opening of the celebratory year. 

– We are going to open up AHO this year. We want to invite you in to celebrate the school and to look at the past and present and maybe speculate about the future, said rector Ole Gustavsen in his opening speech. 

In the coming year there will be events at the school every week. With AHO OPEN lecture series both current and former staff from AHO and some alumni students will hold lectures about a chosen topic. There will be several exhibitions, many of them by our current students.

You can explore the entire 75th anniversary program here

The first exhibition marked the opening of the anniversary. Since 2010, twenty-one asBUILT volumes have appeared, as a collaboration between the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, and the publishing house Pax.
In meticulous detail, the asBUILT series documents the variety of co-existing idioms in contemporary Norwegian architecture. Each book presents one building, complete with working drawings, technical specifications, photographs as well as a discursive essay. 

The selection of contemporary buildings is complemented by works by Norwegian modernists. Together, contemporary works and modern classics span from singular houses in natural and cultural landscapes across Norway, to public projects in urban settings. The book series is rooted in the fields of architecture, theory and history at AHO, encircling what has been termed as the Oslo School in Norwegian Architecture., 

– The book series is international and spread worldwide showcasing Norwegian architecture. This exhibition was first shown on the Frankfurt Book Fair. And for this exhibition here at AHO we have filmed six of the buildings to convey more of the spatial experience, the light and more that the books cannot show, says Nina Berre, curator of this exhibiton and head of the institute of Form, Theory and History. 

The exhibition is open from September 25th to October 9th, on weekdays from 08.00 - 15.45.