AHO wins 3rd. prize at the Cumulus Green 2020

AHO wins 3rd. prize at the Cumulus Green 2020

"Cumulus Green 2020: For A Circular Economy" is an international student competition organized by Cumulus, the only global association serving universities and colleges of art, design and media.

Dypp was awarded 3. prize. The project began as a design diploma project at AHO by Frida van der Drift Breivik and Frøya Thue. Dypp is exploring the future potential of seaweed as bioplastic through strategic use of design. 

- The award’s focus on sustainability is especially important to us. We are both motivated by the opportunity to make a difference and use design to push for change. This is especially exciting for us as we are currently working on how we can take the project further, says Frida and Frøya in their statement after winning the award. 

Dypp has already received several awards like “Visueltprisen” and “DOGA-merket”. 
"Dypp": Frida van der Drift Breivik and Frøya Thue.

Honorable mention to Source 

Another AHO-project got an honorable mention in the Cumulus Green 2020 award. Source is portiable humidity collector. Inspired by nature! Source can be used when you are in need of a safe and portable water source. Whether you are traveling or you do not have access to safe drinking water at home. By using Biomimicry the net is developed from the same principle as spider-webs collect humidity. The net catches the humidity and then the drops fall into the container, making this a drinking water collector. 

AHO sends our warmest congratulations!