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See the winners of AHO WORKS AWARDS

See the winners of AHO WORKS AWARDS

Congratulations to all the winners of this semester's AHO WORKS AWARDS! In the award ceremony for spring 2023, 18 prizes were awarded. Read more about all the winning projects here.

AHO WORKS AWARDS is an award ceremony to reward the studio and diploma projects that have distinguished themselves at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO).

The teachers at AHO nominate candidates for the awards, then the jury and sponsors assess the projects. The very best projects in each category receive an award during the AHO WORKS AWARDS, and is celebrated with a solemn award ceremony.

Here is the overview of all the prizes and the winners:

Prize: Den Gode Idé

Sponsor: Den Gode Idé
Winners: Nikolai Sabel and Glenn Sæstad 
Project: Lokalt Byrå


Prize: Climate Shifts

Sponsor: Skift
Winners: Axel Henriksson, Catherine O'Neill, Charlotte Elisabeth Mellbye, Jacob Bringedal, Karen Stormoen Mykland, Maret Gremmelspacher and Margarita Waade
Project: OSLO LØA


Prize: Prize for strategic use of design

Sponsor: PwC
Winners: Malin Emilie Hoff and Ragne Helene Solum Mathiesen
Project:  From Taboos to Talk: Exploring Futures of Sexuality Education in Norway


Prize: FutureBuilt

Sponsor: FutureBuilt
Winners: Heine Troland, Malin Ingeborg Nyfors and Kristoffer Brun 
Project: Nationaltheatret på Tullinløkka


Prize: Prize for industrial design

Sponsor: K8 industridesign
Winners: Johannes Nyborg Heyning
Project: TapOut - Modul: Pro Carton2023.06.08_aho-78.jpg

Prize: Excellence in the use of steel 

Sponsor: Norsk Stålforbund
Winners: Meiyan Fang
Project: Skippergata student dorm

Prize: Prize for service design

Sponsor: NoA Ignite
Winners: Eirik Torvik Fidjeland and Per Roppestad Christensen
Project: OrganisasjonsKollektivet

Prize: Excellence in the use of concrete or brickwork 

Sponsor: BetongFokus
Winners: Leif Arno Hofheinz
Project: Solveggen

Prize: Prize for interaction design

Sponsor: Bekk
Winners: Pia Holte Bjønness and Vilde Anine Libekk Reitan
Project: Prognose

Prize: Excellence in professionalism 

Sponsor: Arkitektbedriftene
Winners: Iris Cook Botnmark, Finn Chan and Mimmie Johanna Svensson
Project: The Atlas of Frigg

Prize: Prize for sustainability

Sponsor: EGGS
Winners: Luca Verde and Siddharth Kothiyal
Project: Oslo Løa Interactive

Prize: Excellence in architectural writing

Sponsor: Pax
Winners: Lydia Winninge 
Project: History and Transformation Unit

Prize: ByKuben prize for urban ecology

Sponor: ByKuben
Winners: Anniken Willmann
Project: Superposition

Prize: Prize for complexity and holistic approach

Sponsor: Halogen
Winners: Tobias Mangersnes
Project: En større hjemmebane

Prize: Excellence in use of glass

Sponsor: Glass og fasadeforeningen
Winners: Benjamin Arleth
Project: Gardens of Hesthamar

Prize: Prize for Material exploration and aesthetic experience  

Sponsor: Forte Digital
Winners: Shahin Markus Sadigh-Azadi and Martine Elisabeth Saxebøl
Project: Kontur

Prize: Excellence in the use of timber 

Sponsor: TreFokus
Winners: Tora Augland Stølen and Elise Berg Tichy
Project: LADHO

Prize: Statbyggprisen

Sponsor: Statsbygg
Winners: Cathrine Tønseth Sundem
Project: Reinterpretation: Folketeateret