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Awards at Europan 15

"This must be the place" - Andreas Kalstveit & Jørgen Tandberg

Awards at Europan 15

Congratulations to Andreas Kalstveit, Jørgen Tandberg, Ona Flindall and Marianne Lucie Skuncke for awards at Europan 15.

The ceremony was at DOGA in Oslo on Monday, December 2nd. 2019. 2 out of 6 awards went to projects associated with AHO:

"This must be the place" - Andreas Kalstveit & JørgenTandberg
- Runner-up (Raufoss)
Jury remarks: The proposal This must be the place celebrates a modernist past of rationality and scale that connects well to the industrial heritage of the place. The aesthetics of the built elements seduces with clever and modest architecture while not convincing in its totality. The phasing of the proposal is uncomplicated and provides a reasonable strategy for the municipality...
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"Radical Reimagining" - ​Ona Flindall & Marianne Lucie Skuncke
- Winner (Guovdageaidnu/Kautokeino)
Jury remarks: Radical Reimagining answers in a very sensitive way to the special challenges of the site as articulated in the call. The proposal emphasizes the need to address the basic historic, territorial and political premises of the site as a main Sámi center grounded in reindeer herding. 
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Europan Norway is a non-profit foundation organising the Europan competition in Norway. Europan is a competition for innovative cities and young spatial practitioners under 40.