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Congratulations to this autumn's winners of AHO WORKS AWARDS!

Bilde av vinnerne av AHO WORKS AWARDS

Congratulations to this autumn's winners of AHO WORKS AWARDS!

In the awards ceremony for the autumn of 2023, 18 prizes were awarded to the best projects of the semester – see all the winning projects here.

AHO WORKS AWARDS is an award ceremony to celebrate the studio and diploma projects that have excelled at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO). The award is presented every semester.

Teachers at AHO nominate candidates for the awards, and then the jury and sponsors evaluate the projects. The very best projects in each category receive awards and are celebrated with a formal ceremony.

Here is an overview of all the awards and winners:

Prize: Excellence in Architectural Writing

Sponsor: Pax
Winner: Vilde Gimming
Project: “Postcard Perspectives”

Utdeling av prisen Fremragende fagtekst innen arkitektur

Prize: Climate Shifts

Sponsor: Skift
Winner: Tomine Furelid
Project: “Choreographing Natural Processes: interplay with natural processes to create land for nesting birds in Longyearbyen’s delta.”

Vinner av Climate Shifts-prisen

Prize: Interaction design

Sponsor: Bekk
Winners: Johanna Forss and Tianyi Shi
Project: “Bortenfor kysten”

Vinner av Pris for interaksjonddesign

Prize: FutureBuilt

Sponsor: FutureBuilt
Winners: Sherina Jhunjhnuwala, Hedda Sofie Helgesen and Nichakan Srimaung
Project: “Connecting Groruddalen Sustainable Architecture and Urban Studies”

Vinnere av FutureBuilt-prisen.

Prize: Industrial design

Sponsor: K8 Industridesign
Winner: Shanna Agatha Boot

Vinner av Industridesign-prisen.

Prize: Excellence in Professionalism

Sponsor: Arkitektbedriftene
Winners: Lorenz Bischof, Nikolai Mathisen and Andrin Alpiger
Project: “Crematorium Langøyene - Oslo Fjord”

vinnere av Profesjonalitetsprisen

Prize: Prize for service design

Sponsor: NoA Ignite
Winners: First-semester design GK1 (group project)
Project: «Futti Krutti Nabolagsfestival”

Vinner av Pris for tjenestedesign

Prize: Excellence in the use of steel

Sponsor: Norsk Stålforbund
Winners: Jonas Lødemel Bråthen and Madeleine Haaland 
Project: “Densifying a garden suburb: a re-imagining of the single house car garage”

Vinner av prisen for Fremragende bruk av stål

Prize: Excellence in the use of concrete

Sponsor: BetongFokus
Winners: Hauk Hilde Haslum and Karoline Manvik Mathisen
Project: “Inhabiting the plinth: Densification at the intersection of infrastructure and the protected wooden house settlement of Ekebergskrenten”

Vinnere av Fremragende bruk av mur eller betong.

Prize: Prize for complexity and holistic approach

Sponsor: Halogen
Winners: Systems-oriented design (group project)
Project: “Barnevernet”

Vinnere av Pris for kompleksitet og helhetstenkning

Prize: Excellence in the use of timber

Sponsor: TreFokus
Winner: Brage Banken Lervåg
Project: “Book exchange”

Vinner av Fremragende bruk av tre i arkitektur

Prize: Strategic use of design

Sponsor: Forte Digital
Winner: Mathilde Nissen
Project: “Modular Clothing”

Vinner av Strategisk bruk av design

Prize: Excellence in the use of glass

Sponsor: Arkitektur- and designhøgskolen i Oslo
Winners: Nora Bull Langehaug and Astri Sunde Brynildsrud

Vinnere av Fremragende bruk av glass-prisen.

Prize: Material exploration and aesthetic experience

Sponsor: Designit
Winner: Helene Aagaard Evensen
Project: “Waitzer slide”

Vinner av prisen for Materiellutforskning og estetisk opplevelse

Prize: Urban ecology

Sponsor: Arkitektur-og designhøgskulen i Oslo
Winner: Yme Seglsten Thompson

Vinner av Urban ecology-prisen.

Prize: OBOS prize for excellence in residential Architecture

Sponsor: OBOS
Winners: Kristin Lauvdal and Maja Stenøien

Vinnere av OBOS-prisen for god boligarkitektur.

Prize: Best design diploma

Sponsor: Arkitektur- og designhøgskulen i Oslo
Winner: Carl Magnus Traberg
Project: “Digital Introspection”

Vinner av Beste diplom i design.

Prize: Best landscape architecture diploma

Sponsor: Arkitektur-og designhøgskulen i Oslo
Winner: Hsin Lu
Project: “The Montane Ethnobotanical Garden - Symbiosis on a Subtropical Island”

Vinner av prisen Beste diplom i landskapsarkitektur.