Oslo Living Lab wins Core 77

Oslo Living Lab wins Core 77

Glenn Sæstad and Nikolai Sabel has won Core77 Design Awards 2019 in the category Design for Social Impact Student Winner

Their project entitled ‘Oslo Living Lab’ is a social initiative started and run by youth from the multicultural area of Grønland, Oslo.

“With the open brief of designing a service and a brand, we wanted contribute to the growing urban agriculture movement in Oslo. We quickly got in contact with the social enterprise Nabolagshager, a center for urban agriculture working with eco-innovation and green community initiatives. They introduced us to Edible City Network, a EU research they are a part of and coordinates on behalf of Oslo Municipality, and asked if we wanted to kick-start the project for them”, said the students.

The first pilot of Oslo Living Lab is a composting service, collecting organic waste from neighbouring small businesses and turning it into consumer growing kits. The growing kit itself contains soil, seeds and sowing instructions, packed in a bag made from discarded grain bags upcycled from a local brewery.

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