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Sustainability and Collaboration at this Year's Research Days

Research days AHO 28-29.09.2023

Sustainability and Collaboration at this Year's Research Days

A little over a year has passed since the Proector for Research, Lise Amy Hansen, extended an invitation to last year's edition of the event. On September 28th and 29th, it's happening again at AHO: Welcome to Research Days 2023!
Text: Thea Dehlie

What does research at AHO really encompass? Quite a lot, as it turns out. Last year's Research Days, which were also AHO's inaugural event, demonstrated an impressive breadth of topics. During this year's Research Days, the audience will get to hear more about exciting research fields and projects that are happening at the school. Proector for Research Lise Amy Hansen encourages everyone who can to participate.

– The Research Days provide a wonderful opportunity to see and learn about a wide range of what the school is doing on the research front today, from the experimental to the tangible to the conceptual, in quick succession. Also, hear about further career opportunities such as academic development and a research career, and for those who are already researchers – opportunities for EU funding and collaboration, says Lise Amy enthusiastically.

In other words, the opportunities are many, and the landscape is vast.

A diversity of fields united by sustainability

Collaboration and sustainability are the main themes throughout this year's event. Several of the presentations address various cross-disciplinary collaborations related to innovation in the public sector, regions facing climate change, art, and design. All three of the school's institutes are represented, and despite the differences and complexities within the various fields, collaboration and sustainability are clear keywords.

– As you will see, sustainability is a common thread in the school's research. Come and learn how our researchers contribute through academic development and research, Lise Amy encourages.


Proector for Research Lise Amy Hansen at The Research Days 2022.

Two at the top

On the first day of the event, two of the school's larger, ongoing research projects are on the program. "Provenance Projected" with Mari Lending (Institute of Architecture) as project leader and "OpenZero," led by Kjetil Nordby (Institute of Design) and Ocean Industries Concept Lab. Despite their differences, these projects have in common that they have excelled in their respective fields through the The Research Council of Norway's call for proposals.

Those who attended Mari Hvattum's presentation on how to write a book during last year's Research Days, can now look forward to a book launch in AHO's library for her book "Style and Solitude," serving as an inspiring conclusion to day one. Everyone is welcome to attend!

A Ph.D. career at AHO?

Day two focuses on Ph.D. careers. Here, there will be opportunities to learn more about the Ph.D. program and receive advice and tips from both Ph.D. candidates and advisors from AHO's Ph.D. program. The day begins with a parallel session on an introduction to the New European Bauhaus, for those interested in what's happening in the EU landscape and Horizon Europe.

AHO hopes that as many people as possible (yes, ideally everyone!) will participate in this year's Research Days. We're looking forward to it and hope to see you there!