Design in uncharted waters

With the user at center and a wish to explore new technology, the designers can contribute in the maritim- and offshore industry. But to design in this line of business is challenging and will ask for high demands of the designers, according to a new Ph.D. degree at AHO.

AHO WORKS AWARDS - the winners

The AHO WORKS AWARDS were held on Friday January 15th. Here are all the winners... 

Diploma candidates, ready for the world

Years of hard work and schooling is over for 54 candidates in architecture, two candidates in landscape architecture, five in design and 5 Ph.D. candidates.

Klasson hentet ledetråder fra Gerrit Rietvelds stol 'Red and Blue' for å utvikle ‘Red and White Sunbed’, som kombinerer en ikonisk form og folkelig appell.

Edvin Klasson one of the world's hottest new design talents

Wallpaper has hand-picked 20 young, graduated designers for the Graduate Directory for 2016. Former AHO-student Edvin Klasson is one of them.