AHO @ Elvelangs

Interaction students from AHO are designing and constructing large immersive installations for Elvelangs 2016.

The Academy at Stenersen Museum

Over the course of 8 days, 124 students and 31 faculty members from 14 schools located in 12 countries, will inhabit the Stenersen Museum in Oslo, which has been closed to the public since December of 2015. Composed by architects, artists and urban planners, the group will partake in a unique Academy program, one of 2016 OAT’s core line up. Alongside a semester-long lecture series, multiple exhibitions, and the upcoming AHO Party, The Academy is among the school’s contributions to After Belonging’s extended program organised by OAT.

The AHO immatriculation 2016!

Pictures from the AHO immatricualtion on August 19th. 2016.


Many happy winners and proud sponsors at the AHO WORKS AWARDS. A smashing STUDIO + DIPLOMA exhibition and a great party. The vacation can begin...