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A Glacier Memorial

Xiaojian Yang

Diploma project

Spring 2022
Institute of Architecture

Beate Marie Manthey Hølmebakk
Chris-Johan Engh
Emotion exists from the vast geographical landscape to the small architectural details. It is not only about a view but also about a space-time experience and imagination. The diploma is to design a Glacier Memorial to commemorate the lost glaciers.


A building of 1000 years
To match the profoundness and vast dimension of glaciers, a building of 1000 years is proposed. This not only means that the building can exist for 1000 years, but is also about the spacial quality, the fundamental tectonics, and the imagination. 

Stone and glass
Stones from the site are used as aggregate and fill in concrete to form large blocks. Glass is cast into channels and plates. Both materials are persistent and constructed in a fundamental way. Rather than simply imitate the glacier, the building generates emotions related to the glaciers in an abstract and empathy way.


Xiaojian Yang / yangxiaojian00@gmail.com