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Reassembling the Rejected: Adaptive Reuse of Paleet Car Park

Karoline Manvik

Diploma project

Spring 2024
Institute of Architecture

Erik Fenstad Langdalen
Nicholas Ryan Coates
REASSEMBLING THE REJECTED aims to search for qualities in unwanted spaces, by working with adaptive reuse of Paleet Car Park as case—a multi-storey parking and office structure located in the centre of Oslo, Kvadraturen, about to be demolished in favor of a new office building later this year.

It has been an exploratory study in models and drawing to see if a building dimentioned for cars can become a space of comfort and joy.


Allowing history to interact with new concepts isn’t just about sustainable reuse; it’s also a way to preserve historical uniqueness of our cities and making sure our collective stories are not lost. But we live in a time where what is valued is mainly whats old, though we’re not in a position to selectively choose which historical aspects to embrace.

It is important that we take these unwanted buildings seriously and take the time to search for a human scale that may have gotten a bit lost in these 80s structures. By letting this car park’s original character persist, new and unexpected spaces is allowed; this project is looking at possibilities to prepare the existing building for whatever the occupants may want to do with it. In this case I chose to look for possibilities for residential use in combination with other more social programmes, as these building typologies offers an opportunity for dwellings that provide an alternative to typical pre-determined apartments.


The focus on residential repurposing together with offices, studios and communal spaces seeks to align with Oslo municipality’s vision of enhancing Kvadraturen’s urban vitality and sense of neighbourhood.



Through discovering architectural potentials within Paleet Car Park, this diploma seeks to experiment with new possibilities for this building, and many buildings like it, to outlive their initial purpose.

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